Geographical Market:

Metro, Chicago







A company specializing in transportation equipment investment and management, needed a contemporary office space to reflect its role as an industry leader in the rail and aviation equipment industry. The company approached Rightsize Facility to PLAN and FURNISH its Chicago headquarters to achieve a sleek and sophisticated look.

Rightsize collaborated with staff members to understand specific needs before generating creative and customized solutions to meet the company’s specifications. By blending new and existing furniture, and combining fresh ideas and colors, Rightsize was able to create a distinct aesthetic for the RESIDCO office.

In addition to wall-to-wall furniture solutions, Rightsize also coordinated with trusted Value-Added Service Providers (VASPs) to manage every aspect of the project – from wall fixtures to IT cabling. These comprehensive services gave the RESIDCO team peace of mind throughout each step of the process.

Through its stylish, modern office space, RESIDCO demonstrates its standing as a leader in a competitive industry.