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Narbutas | ZooZoo

The ZooZoo collection of coffee tables were designed with inviting and friendly curvilinear shapes paired with light and clean lines of metal verticals. The niche under the seat of the ZooZoo pouf provides additional functionality and storage for small items.
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Dauphin | Perillo

The Perillo chair unites the seat, surface, backrest, and armrests into an uninterrupted line that forms an ultra-modern, ultra-comfortable chair. The Perillo is perfect for lobbies, touchdown spaces, and more.
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Scandinavian Spaces | BOB

BOB lends architectural freedom that challenges or adheres to all interior spaces. Designed to add character, and with a boastful personality, BOB is constructed using individually upholstered modules that are completely customizable. A seating system that curves in, curves out, lines up straight, or undulates across the room.
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KFI Studios | Conversation Piece

A Conversation Piece lounge chair combines beautiful Scandinavian design and craftsmanship with environmental sustainability. Its timeless aesthetic goes hand in hand with the Horizons sustainable upholstery made from recycled plastic waste.
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Andreu World | Bolete

The Bolete Occasional tables have an intriguing shape and ribbed texture, each table stands out in any environment. It is an eco-conscious collection designed for the circular economy, offering a side table with character and minimal environmental impact. Perfect for both public and private spaces.
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Via Seating | Vooom™

The Vooom™ series provides comfortable, private, and versatile spaces made to focus and unwind. Vooom™ also delivers a sustainable seating solution. The shells are made of up to 60% recycled, shredded PET bottles and are themselves 100% recyclable.
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Martin Brattrud | La Duna

La Duna's robust design is softened by rounded edges and radiused details, with bases that feature playful leg geometry in either wood or metal. It offers optional privacy screens in natural caning or perforated metal in various patterns and colors, and optional sewn channeling can be added to seats or backs for added texture and depth.
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Darran | Susu

The Susu collection is noted for its minimalist design, encapsulating the concept of "Beauty in Small Things" through its simple, elegant structure and refined materials. This collection features pressed PET shells that support the table surfaces, with metal bases and wooden knuckles that offer a unique softness and texture, adding an unexpected delight to the table category.
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