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Location: Chicago, IL

Size: 40,000-sf

Architecture Firm: Box Studios

General Contractor: Leopardo

Project Management Firm: RL Edwards Partners

Manufacturing Partners: Groupe Lacasse, Via Seating, JSI



This Chicago “Work Club” called on Rightsize to reinvent their spaces by designing a sanctuary that inspires creativity and productivity. It is a place where granting organizations come together to share their ideas and resources to do what they do best – serve their community.


Design Solution

Rightsize jumped at the opportunity to help philanthropic groups by creating a space that emphasizes the resimercial style. This large space over two floors provided us with the inspiration to transform it into a comfortable, less structured, and interactive theme, bringing everyone together.


A breakout lounge and collaborative areas were featured throughout the office space, providing ample seating to have meetings or have some downtime to relax between work projects. This idea allowed them to interact with each other and boost productivity, bringing everyone closer together as a work family.


Desired Outcome

A resimercial design aesthetic provides a warm and inviting space that encourages interaction and collaboration. Our goal was to create a coworking space that focuses on ambient features such as lighting, clean and crisp design, and modern furniture. With furniture that facilitates interconnection, we created a balance between work and home.