A Quick Guide to Choosing Industrial Racking for Your Business

Unlock Efficient Storage with Industrial Racks: Designed for warehouses, logistics centers, and stores, industrial racks provide the perfect solution for everything from heavy-duty machinery to fragile goods. That’s where Rightsize Facility comes in, proudly partnering with industrial racking leader Interlake Mecalux to guide you to the perfect fit.

Identify Your Goods

Know your products inside and out. For elongated items like beams or pipes, cantilever racking could be the ideal choice.

Pallet Strategy?

Using pallets? Find a rack designed for them. Storing large volumes? The Pallet Shuttle system might be your answer.


Your inventory approach matters. Choose standard flow racks for FIFO, or push-back racks for LIFO management.

Handling Equipment

Planning to use forklifts or other machinery? Match them with the right racks to ensure safety and efficiency.

Temperature Considerations

Storing perishable goods? Keep an eye on ambient temperature and adhere to necessary standards.

Size Matters

Your warehouse’s space and ceiling height will help you pinpoint the industrial rack that’s the best fit for you.

Don’t forget: one size doesn’t fit all. Your unique business requirements shape your rack needs. Take a moment to consult with our expert storage professionals and steer clear of costly mistakes. Reach out to us today! Our enthusiastic facility services team is standing by, ready to guide you to the ideal industrial rack for your space. Your perfect storage solution awaits!

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