Work From Home Burnout

Working from home is often romanticized. The idea being that remote work leads to a more fulfilling life and an enhanced lifestyle because you have more time to do the
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Re-Purpose Vacant Space

What Can Landlords/Owners Do to Re-Purpose Vacant Space?

What Can Landlords/Owners Do to Re-Purpose Vacant Space? COVID-19 has hit the economy hard. When the economy is suffering everyone suffers and Landlords/Owners are no exception. There is an unprecedented
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Contactless Technology Return To The Office

To better prepare for the return to work, it helps to have keen insight into re-entry anxiety: what causes it, what exacerbates it, and how common re-entry anxiety will be
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Return to the Workplace

4 Ways to Help Employees Feel Safe When Returning to Work

After months of quarantine, returning to the workplace probably feels like a love-hate relationship right now for many people. After all, COVID-19 was certainly a major disruption that shook society
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Office Partition Panels

Buying Office Partition Panels: What You Need To Know

The highly anticipated return to work is finally upon us, and with it, a list of requirements workplaces need to meet to ensure the workspace is safe for their employees.
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The Value of the Office

Stay-at-home orders and other confining measures began in March and are still in effect in some form, essentially forcing American offices to operate in a skeletal format or a state
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