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Location: Detroit, MI


Space Type: Corporate Office

Size: 20,000-sf

General Contractor: ISM


Manufacturing Partners: AIS, Global, Nucraft, Enwork, Arcadia, Encore, Primeway



This advertising company was looking to upgrade its interior space with new and high-quality furnishings that would spruce up its interior into a professional, modern, and well-designed workplace hub.


Design Solution

Rightsize worked hand-in-hand with this advertising company located in downtown Detroit to complete this grand upgrading project. We removed all existing furniture that was 20+ years old and transformed their workplace into a modern, collaborative space with huddle rooms, open areas for employees to work away from their desks, and phone booths for private calls or video conferencing. The Rightsize team of experts is dedicated and focused from the start of the space-planning process until the project is complete. 




Desired Outcome

With careful planning and a thorough understanding of the work culture and working setups, Rightsize delivered a customized and quality designed space. We were able to transform the once outdated workplace into a fresh and modern interior space guaranteed to foster productivity and facilitate employee’s well-being.