Rightsize Facility is made up of creative problem solvers, logistical pros and visual superstars. We specialize in putting together, taking apart and reconfiguring complex 3D puzzles for our clients every day. Our staff has an attitude that no challenge is insurmountable – with the right tools and a little ingenuity.

Many different teams work together to make sure every Rightsize project runs smoothly. Peek behind the curtain and get to know us better!

Workplace Solutions Managers

Our workplace solutions managers (WSMs) are the perfect blend of left-brain analysis and organization, and right-brain intuition and creativity. Many of our WSMs are former designers, and they demonstrate deep knowledge of how to optimally design a space.

WSMs work closely with clients – communicating and meeting in person frequently – to understand their specific needs. For WSMs, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that applies to every project. They spend time in the client’s office, talking to employees and evaluating workflows to make tailored recommendations. They use Rightsize’s BLENDED SOLUTION of pre-owned, refurbished and new furniture to find the ideal options for the client’s style, budget and timeline. Because Rightsize’s WSMs have access to more than 200 contract-grade manufacturers, they offer unmatched selection and variety.

So when a new office is finished, the WSMs have lead Rightsize’s team to ensure the client got exactly what they wanted!


Our degreed designers are experts at translating ideas into concrete plans, then bringing those plans to life in a real work environment. They offer expertise in commercial interior design and office furniture, and they utilize software and collaborate with clients and other Rightsize team members to find the ideal solutions for any space.

Rightsize designers evaluate the quirks and challenges of a client’s office space, and propose innovative ideas to make the most of every corner. For example, in a recent project, a client’s office had a room that was difficult to furnish because it featured unusual angles. The Rightsize team customized workstations to fit the room’s precise parameters, and included glass panels and lower height walls to maximize the natural light coming through the windows.

No matter what the size or shape of your office’s floor plan, our designers will make sure the layout and furniture selection best optimizes the space.

Project Management

Our project management team members are the masterminds behind ensuring our post-sale processes run like clockwork. They interface with our internal project team and departments, vendor partners and customer representatives to execute post-sale activities related to office furniture delivery and installation and related services.

It’s a lot to deal with but our project management team gets it done on time! This includes initiating purchase orders for vendor services, managing punch lists and warranty claims, obtaining freight quotes, tracking shipments of material purchases, coordinating building access with property managers and making sure everyone involved internally and externally with product delivery is on the same page.

Our project management team’s organizational savvy ensures that clients are thrilled with what Rightsize delivers.

Delivery & Installation

Rightsize’s delivery and installation team members have to employ quick thinking and strategic skills on every project. The list of responsibilities is long – the team has to unload and assemble furniture, build panel systems, set up demountable walls and coordinate their efforts with electricians to ensure the wiring is set up in conjunction with the workspace furniture.

Even though we plan meticulously to provide seamless service and top quality workmanship, sometimes we encounter unforeseen problems during office furniture delivery and installation. Luckily, our experienced professionals can handle any obstacle put in their path.

The Rightsize delivery and installation team recently saved the day for a company that bought two large conference tables from a competitor. This competitor had failed to properly assess the floor plan and the building logistics, then on the delivery day reported it was “impossible” to get the tables up to the fourth floor. Rightsize’s team stepped in, taking the time and effort to figure out a solution that involved rigging up a pulley system and hoisting the tables up to the fourth floor.

So whether it’s getting a large piece of furniture into a tight space or ensuring the new workspace is clean and spotless after the move, our team makes sure that when you walk into your office for the first time, it is 100% ready for your employees to start working in.

Interested in joining our team? Learn more about open positions.