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Fortune 500 companies choose Rightsize Facility for their onsite facility services, including workplace moves, additions, and changes. We offer proven processes and resources to help you achieve your workplace goals. Rightsize seamlessly combines the expertise of an office furniture dealer, installer, mover, and technology specialist, all working together to deliver exceptional quality in workplace change support.

Turnkey Labor Services

We manage all aspects of the transition, taking on full responsibility for all subcontractors to ensure a seamless process. This includes moves, reconfigurations, and completing all vacancy requirements of the lease.


Moving your office may be one of the largest physical undertakings your business experiences. At Rightsize, we’ve carefully aligned our business offerings to help our clients make their transition as smooth and cost-effective as possible. We employ strong professional business movers to do the heavy lifting and professional carpenters and installers to build your new environment.


As your business changes, so does your office furniture and workspace requirements. Productivity levels are optimal when people love the space they work in and having the right office furniture and layout make all the difference. Whether you need more space at the office or a new workplace arrangement, Rightsize will maximize your budget, square footage, and existing resources with minimal downtime

Eco-Friendly Decommissioning

We are a pioneer in the field of turnkey facility decommissioning and landfill diversion, with a proven process by which we return a workspace to its original, broomswept condition

Asset Disposition: We utilize an eco-friendly approach in the removal and disposition of office furniture, technology equipment and industrial racking.
Space Restoration: Whether preparing a space for a new tenant or fulfilling final lease obligations, we provide comprehensive space restoration. ​Charitable Donations: Assets with limited resale value that retain their existing functionality are thoroughly cleaned and donated to non-profit organizations.​

Warehousing Capabilities

We have partnerships with state of the art secure commercial storage facilities nationwide to meet the diverse storage needs of your office. Whether storing furniture, office supplies, or miscellaneous items, our facilities ensure optimal organization and security.

Get Started

Contact us to schedule a consultation and find out how we can assist with your facility service’s needs.