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Showcasing the Top Trends of NeoCon 2024

Showcasing the Top Trends of NeoCon 2024

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Showcasing the Top Trends of NeoCon 2024

NeoCon, the premier commercial interiors trade show, never fails to showcase the latest trends and innovations in the world of design and architecture. As we delve into the trends that emerged from NeoCon 2024, it becomes clear that this year’s offerings are a perfect blend of contemporary creativity and sustainable design. From soothing color palettes to innovative product concepts, the design community has once again pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Join us as we explore the standout trends that will shape commercial interiors in the coming months.

Embracing Nature:

Plants Everywhere: 

Biophilic design was a major theme, with plants integrated into every aspect of the designs. From large statement planters to small desk accessories, greenery brought a refreshing touch of nature indoors.

More Wood Tones and Natural Forms: There was a resurgence of wood tones and natural materials, bringing warmth and an organic feel to the designs. This trend underscores a growing desire for natural elements in our work environments.

Luxurious Materials and Textures:

Leather and vinyl looks made a strong comeback, adding a touch of sophistication and durability to office furniture. These materials offer both aesthetic appeal and practicality, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Soft, rounded edges and curves were a defining feature in both seating and hard surfaces. This trend towards more organic shapes creates a sense of fluidity and relaxation, inviting users to feel more at ease in their environments.

Smart Integration and Larger Worksurfaces:

NeoCon 2024 showcased designs that smartly integrated storage, power, and lighting solutions into furniture, enhancing functionality and making workspaces more efficient and user-friendly. As the need for ample workspace grows, larger worksurfaces have become a significant trend. These expansive desks and tables cater to the demands of dynamic work environments, providing plenty of room for various tasks and activities.

Sustainability Takes Center Stage:

Sustainability was a core theme, with many vendors emphasizing eco-friendly materials and processes. The focus was on durability and extending the lifecycle of products to reduce waste. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is being used in new and innovative ways, going beyond acoustical applications. Thicker PET materials are now being used to create furniture and accessories like planters and dividers, showcasing its versatility and eco-friendly properties. Several vendors highlighted sustainability initiatives, such as Momentum’s bio-wall coverings and Allermuir’s messaging on sustainable processes and materials. Okamura introduced a new foam replacement made from thicker strands of PET, a fully recycled and recyclable product, while OFS announced a tree planting initiative and increased use of wood/veneer for sustainable options.



NeoCon 2024 was a showcase of innovation, sustainability, and design excellence. We are excited to incorporate these trends and products into our offerings, ensuring that our clients receive the best in modern, functional, and eco-friendly office furniture. Stay tuned for more updates and insights from Rightsize Facility

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