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Eco-Friendly Decommissioning

We are dedicated to eco-friendly decommissioning and landfill diversion, with a proven process by which we return a workspace to its original, broomswept condition. We resell or repurpose all FF&E assets; assets without resale value are disposed of in compliance with environmental regulations or donated to not-for-profit organizations.

01. Scope Development

A Facility Services Specialist will provide consultation and gather preliminary information either onsite or virtually. 

  • Assess client needs 

  • Obtain asset inventory and floor plan 

  • Determine value for assets 

  • Review building rules and regulations 

  • Discuss project timelines 

02. Inventory

Rightsize will prepare a detailed inventory report containing manufacturer information, age, condition, and finishes. Our detailed inventory is utilized to calculate truckloads, manpower requirements, and identify saleable vs. nonsaleable assets. 

  • Identify product 
  • Obtain accurate per product counts 
  • Create detailed inventory and photograph 
  • Prepare inventory information to acquire asset values 

03. Project Planning & Scheduling

Complex decommissioning projects require streamlining coordination with many trades to ensure on time, on budget projects. Our team provides onsite supervision and in-house project managers who oversee all the details of the project. 

  • Coordinate power/low voltage disconnect 
  • Create project schedules 
  • Provide onsite supervision 
  • Follow all building rules and regulation 

04. Decommissioning Done Right

We use “Best in Class” subcontractors and inhouse crews who specialize in facility cleanouts. In addition to asset disposition, our teams will handle all aspects of space restoration, returning the space to broomswept condition. 

  • Disassemble and removal 
  • Removal of voice and data cabling 
  • Wall patch and repair 
  • Broomswept condition 
  • Project completion signoff by landlord 

Transparent Reporting

Upon project completion, we provide a comprehensive report detailing the financial, social, and environmental impacts of each asset. Our transparent reporting process ensures that all stakeholders are fully informed about the outcomes and implications of our projects.

Recognized for Our
Sustainability Commitment

Rightsize Facility and our parent company Wurkwel has gained recognition and has been featured by numerous media outlets for its commitment to advancing sustainable practices.

Charitable Donations

Assets with limited resale value that retain their existing functionality are thoroughly cleaned and donated to non-profit organizations. Our commitment to giving back to the community is a source of pride for us.

Get Started

Contact us to schedule a consultation and find out how we can assist with your eco-friendly facility decommissioning needs.