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Your Brand Is an Integral Part of Your Business Strategy, and Your Workplace Should Reflect It

Your Brand Is an Integral Part of Your Business Strategy, and Your Workplace Should Reflect It

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Aesthetics and function are not the only measures of success for modern workplace design anymore. Organizations are increasingly looking for workspaces that represent their brands while instilling core brand values in their workplace culture.

It is worth mentioning that your workplace as a well-thought-out reflection of your company branding could strengthen employee ties to your office and foster a cohesive and close sense of place identity for your employees.

Your brand identity stems from what your company believes in and the principles which guide its actions. You should brand your workspace thoughtfully.  A bespoke office design could help reinforce your brand identity and make your organization unforgettable.

Office branding delivers better consistency and endorsement of your brand and values through customer communications.

By meticulously using every design element, you can help reinforce your organization’s brand and culture with both existing and prospective employees, attract new talent, and effectively demonstrate the embodiment of your corporate philosophy to your constituency.

If you are environmentally conscious, nothing expresses that better than a well-designed living wall, or at least some living plants throughout your office.


The Importance of Workplace Branding

Your employees will spend more than 92,000 hours at work during their work life. This sheer amount of time that your staff will spend within your walls really makes your work environment a lot more than merely a roof over their heads.

Improve Employee Productivity and Morale

People want to feel comfortable and at ease, while they work. They also want to be motivated and inspired when they come to work and feel like they are at home with friends and family. Thoughtful branding can help infuse your workspace with more meaning and spark employee pride, engagement, and productivity.

FlexJobs survey found that 65% of people are more productive at home because there is a more comfortable office environment.

Another study revealed that there is a direct relationship between productivity and office design. So, the tools and design elements you use should promote your brand and create a sense of community. This will make your employees comfortable, making them work harder.

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Effective Recruitment and Better Retention

Workplace branding is not only about pleasing your current employees. Recruitment and retention are important as well and this is where a branded workplace can help. Anyone who comes to your office should instantly know and understand what your brand and organizational values are.

Therefore, make sure you create great buzz and word of mouth and give people a branded and memorable visual experience inside your office. Workplace branding not just affects how your office functions it also impacts how people perceive your company.


How to Incorporate Your Brand into Your Office Design

Creating a workspace that reflects your brand and values takes forethought and planning. Incorporating your brand in the workplace goes beyond simply plastering a company logo on a wall. It is worth noting that effective brand communication requires a detailed and comprehensive approach, which includes office design.

Brand Your Entrance

The reception area is certainly the first thing your prospective employees and visitors will see; hence, it is vital to create a welcoming environment that tells the right story about your company. Most people will quickly form an opinion about your organization simply based on the design and layout of your reception space.

Maintain a consistent theme with the texture and color to give the impression that your business is well organized and cohesive. For example, brightly colored accents are an excellent way to energize your front desk if you are trying to project an upbeat or bold culture.

Most importantly, the seating area should be comfy, warm, and inviting.



Highlight Your Service or Product

Highlighting your product or service with concept art or engaging displays is a simple way to give a reminder of what it’s that you do and also endear both customers and employees to your company. Prominently display all your products and visually tell your organization’s history.

Reiterate Your Company Goals

Your workspace should reflect your company’s values and culture. However, another important thing you should consider is your company goals. It is worth noting that company goals create and foster both unity and internal motivation. As an integral part of your workplace branding, remind your employees of the goals and inform investors and clients what they should expect from you. You can put them on the walls using temporary graphic or put them on screens in office common rooms.


Final Thought

A well-branded and thought-out workspace is a daily reminder for your employees and visitors to your office of what you stand for and what you do. Therefore, it is important to be intentional about the design. It will help you make a lasting impression on anybody who comes into contact with your brand.

If you would like to know more about how to revamp your workspace to reflect your brand or how to express your branding in your office layout and design, please contact us. We will provide you with creative, feasible and innovative solutions for your workspace that you will love! We have the resources and expertise to handle projects of different sizes and complexities.


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