From October 4th to 6th, the Rightsize team attended NeoCon 2021, located only a few blocks away from our downtown office at theMART in Chicago. It’s North America’s most important gathering of commercial interior design experts, where manufacturers present and discuss the latest solutions and strategies for the workplace.

We wanted to share some of the top workplace trends we saw at NeoCon 2021.

Well-Being and Human-Centric Design

Mental health and workplace wellness have been brought into sharp focus. Employers have started to realize the importance of creating comfortable spaces that support these values and bring happiness to their staff. There are some design solutions that can create a comfortable space not only physically but mentally, too.

  • Biophilic design incorporates the natural world into the modern-built environment. This could include natural light, natural materials, soft shapes, vegetation, and other experiences that might be found in nature.
  • Meditation and yoga spaces include sound-proofing, various furniture options for sitting, reclining, or napping, and open space to do yoga or stretches on the floor.
  • Resimercial design combines residential and commercial elements to combat the cold sterility of traditional corporate furnishings.
  • Outdoor furniture was once thought of mainly for al fresco social gatherings, but employees are increasingly seeking outdoor spaces as havens for focused, individual work as well as for collaboration.
Biophilic Design
Meditation and Yoga Spaces
Resimercial Design (Arcadia Odette and Archetype Lounge)
Outdoor Furniture (Extremis AMAi)

Flexible Furniture Systems

Rather than restricting employees to an assigned desk every day, employees will have the choice to work in a range of settings which can flex from one project to the next based on collaboration needs and the tools required.

  • Reconfigurable furniture adapts to the ever-changing work landscape with furnishings that can be reconfigured in an instant based on work styles or employee count.
  • Increased mobility could translate to movable media consoles to connect and share content in any place across the workplace, from focused huddle rooms to open shared spaces.
  • Phone booths and meeting pods provide comfort and privacy in a soundproof environment. Pods also allow companies to make savings in office design and construction.
  • Personal lockers limit the number of surfaces people have to touch, especially touchless access, which provides a hygienic solution for employees who are temporarily in and out of the office.

Flexible (1)
Reconfigurable Furniture (AIS Calibrate Community®)
Increased Mobility (Enwork Zori® Monitor Lift)
Phone Booths and Meeting Pods (Global Priva™ Acoustic Pod)
Personal Lockers (AIS Calibrate® Series Lockers)