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Post-NeoCon 2017: Thoughts on Upcoming Trends

Post-NeoCon 2017: Thoughts on Upcoming Trends

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NeoCon 2017 has come to an end and it’s time to review the designs you may see cropping up in offices soon. We visited some of our favorite vendors to check out what they’ve lined up.

Mayline & Safco

Lounge and flexible seating options by Mayline and Safco

Mayline and Safco blended modular, flexible work elements with modern benching. We tried out Mayline’s new soft seating line “Atmosphere” and found it to not only be ideal for spur of the moment meetings, but was comfortable enough for remote work. They also showed off the Aberdeen sit-to-stand desk paired with seating like the Zenergy Swivel and Focal Mobis Seat with footrest that allow for flexible working. Especially creative was the inclusion of the Kick Balance Board with rising desks.


Colorful collaborative soft seating, tapered desks, and stacked storage.

Walking into LaCasse’s showroom made an impact with modular velvet cushioning in shades of teal and blushing pinks. Much of this year’s aesthetic was built on modular design that would encourage mutable and on-the-go work styles. The Stad platform desking with stacking storage elements makes setting up a work space feel akin to piecing together building blocks, while warm wood tones and tapered furniture silhouettes created a casual, at-home look. The only low-note to LaCasse’s new line may be the lack of upholstery options for their otherwise fun and flexible lounge seating.


Global Furniture Group

Modern benching, Mid-century style lounge, and ergonomic chairs

Global borrowed heavily from a mix of Mid-century Modern and Contemporary schools, incorporating home elements and clean lines on most of their office furnishings. When asked about their inspirations, Global representative Eileen Rabacal mentioned how they wanted to introduce comfort into the workplace in order to stimulate collaboration. With plush conference seating, pull-apart tables, and stacking training seating and tables, they accomplish just that. They played with both heavier-toned espresso surfaces and lighter toned surfaces featured on the new Corby collection. The latter touched closer the residential Mid-Century style, utilizing tapered legs on the desks. All seating from soft to task offers a range of fabric and color options for seating, making it easier to create a branded look in your office.


Clean workstations and the Natick task chair

This year the rallying cry of AIS was to “be you” in your office and they bolstered that sentiment with the promise of understated contemporary work spaces. They gave us clean, modern surface colors with traditional desk storage and privacy components. They also included a touch of fun with popping graphic-printed upholstery on their Natick task chairs. Small, colorful elements created the feeling of personalization at each desk.

Do you like these looks? Ask us how we can apply these trends to your office design.

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