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How VisionFX Improves Efficiency for CRE Community [Video]

How VisionFX Improves Efficiency for CRE Community [Video]

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Rightsize’s new space visualization tool, VisionFX, combines layout, design, and product selections into a three-dimensional, fully interactive platform that allows users to visualize what their office space can and will look like when the project is complete. The end result is a highly customized, better defined, and more efficient approach to our PLAN, FURNISH and SERVICE methodology.

VisionFX improves efficiency for the commercial real estate (CRE) community, from real estate brokers and property managers to architects and general contractors, by enabling all stakeholders to view a visual representation of the completed project via mobile and/or browser-based technology and devices. The tool’s space planning capabilities also improves project management efficiency by ensuring accuracy prior to furniture procurement.

“VisionFX offers the most cutting-edge technology there is in the office interiors industry today,” said Rightsize President Mason Awtry. “The interactive nature of this tool will change the way our clients do business. Gone are the days where a broker will walk into an office space and see a foam board with a drawing of how the space will look, rather, this will be replaced with video screens leveraging VisionFX. We are excited to provide clients with the convenience and innovation of this tool.”

With the significant cost of construction and lead time needed to build out spec suites, VisionFX offers landlords and property managers a more cost-effective option. The technology allows for the dramatic reduction of the number of model offices being built physically, and instead, gives the option to build them digitally, at a fraction of the cost. These presentations will provide the same visual value to perspective tenants, while saving on construction costs and lead times associated with traditional build outs.

With any project, Rightsize works with clients to identify needs, illustrate vision and then implement that vision; with VisionFX, we can bring our shared vision to life better than ever before. This translates to more savings for owners, while we continue to provide innovative solutions for our customers.

Click here to learn more about VisionFX or request a free space plan consult.

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