A company specializing in transportation equipment investment and management needed a contemporary office space to reflect its role as an industry leader in the rail and aviation equipment industry. The company approached Rightsize Facility to PLAN and FURNISH its Chicago headquarters to achieve a sleek and sophisticated look.

“It was very important to have a professional, modern-looking office space,” said Michael Yovkovich, Managing Partner at RESIDCO. “The end result here is just head and shoulders above what we had previously. [Rightsize] was able to take all of these new ideas and new colors, and mix them in with some of our older furniture.”

Rightsize collaborated with staff members to understand specific needs before generating creative and customized solutions to meet the company’s specifications. The Rightsize team blended new and existing furnishings to create a distinct aesthetic for the RESIDCO office. 

“We à-la-carte pieced and ordered work surfaces, legs and power management,” said Vanessa Courtney, Workplace Solutions Manager at Rightsize. “Because their rooms were a bit of a unique shape, and every individual person had specific needs and wants in their office, we really kind of LEGO-pieced it together.”

In addition to wall-to-wall furniture solutions, Rightsize also coordinated with trusted Value-Added Service Providers (VASPs) to manage every aspect of the project – from wall fixtures to IT cabling. These comprehensive services gave the RESIDCO team peace of mind throughout each step of the process.

“Color choosing, floors, carpeting – even the things they didn’t provide, they were one phone call away,” said Yovkovich. “If we needed just an opinion on something, they were more than happy to provide it. It made us feel a lot better about our decisions.”

Through its stylish, modern office space, RESIDCO demonstrates its standing as a leader in a competitive industry.

“I would recommend Rightsize to everybody,” said Yovkovich. “Not only do we use their design team, we use their move team. It’s a full-service experience. It’s great to work with one group of people. They’re all tuned in, they’re coordinated, they know what’s going on. If you’re looking for a full-service solution, Rightsize Facility was a great option for us, and I think they’d be a great option for a lot of companies in the Chicagoland area.”

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