In 2016, Rightsize partnered with a rapidly expanding engineering firm to establish a contemporary office to meet its changing needs. However within a year, the firm had already outgrown the new space, and started looking for even more room for its staff.

The company selected a 10,000-square-foot office in downtown Chicago – more than triple its 3,000-square-foot existing space – that could support its current 30 employees, and up to 50 more in the future. Rightsize teamed up again with the firm to PLAN and FURNISH the office, aiming to create a modern and lively work environment.

“The owner wanted the new space to be fun and have a collaborative start-up vibe,” said Vanessa Courtney, Workplace Solutions Manager at Rightsize. “She wanted it to appeal to millennial talent, while keeping a professional balance for the engineering field.”

The firm’s signature brand color is bright aqua blue, and Rightsize incorporated complementary shades of it throughout the entire space – from the walls and the carpet, to the workstations and the lounge chairs.

Rightsize installed all new furnishings for each room in the office, including pieces from Global, Hightower and Source. The main open-plan area provided workstations with benching systems and low panels. The owner’s office, as well as spaces for project managers and administrative staff, featured L-shaped workstations and storage solutions.

Communal areas blended a variety of vibrant primary colors. Each of the meeting rooms was designed in a monochrome color palette – for example, the “blue room” and the “orange room.” The collaborative open space also conveyed a playful, relaxed ambiance – offering a multicolored carpet, oversized foam block letters, and funky circular seating.

The new office came together smoothly over the course of five months, and the firm’s team is excited to settle in for the foreseeable future.

“They’ve only been in the new space for a few months, but they’re really happy with it,” said Courtney. “Since they have so much room to grow, they hope to be there for a good few years.”

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