More and more offices are moving toward a ‘resimercial’ aesthetic, including Chicago’s own parking deal specialists. We worked with this downtown Chicago start-up to create an office space where their staff could feel like they’re working at home.

This project had the benefit of uniting the staff under one roof, whereas they had been spread out over several locations. Between bringing everyone together, working on a tight timeline, and keeping to the company’s budget Rightsize Facility had its work cut out.

A reception/breakout space.

With our team of Workplace Solutions Director, Trina Dulen, and designer, Jacqueline Schmit, the office’s new look pulled together seamlessly. Their focus was on collaboration and lounge areas that the company planned to use every day, all day. Since this is a young company, the focus was to assure that employees had flexible space. The final design and installation included more than ten breakout areas. Key furniture pieces included durable felt seating and Mid-Century style surfaces.

A modern conference space.

“The soft seating included sofas and accent chairs that worked for a resimercial feel, but also heavy duty usage,” Dulen said. “I’m proud of the overall aesthetic, this project is on-trend and reflects what we’re seeing with new projects.”

One of many breakout areas.