Rightsize Facility is a rare example of a successful, standalone business whose model of sustainability is on the vanguard their industry.

During their years of experience relocating and renovating companies, Rightsize has maintained the position of making little to zero impact on the environment. Their belief in diligently repurposing or recycling furniture and office assets is supported by the significant reductions in the amount of waste they contribute to landfills. They attempt to resell or repurpose their clients’ assets and safely dispose of or donate furniture to non-profit organizations.


Rightsize’s methods reduce the amount of non-biodegradable material in landfills and they personally encourage their clients to limit waste through their crediting program, which bolsters the reuse and resale of like-new condition furniture. This is important well beyond the level of simply furniture—what if more companies leveraged reuse as part of a profitable business model?


At Archeworks, our mission is to educate and grow a community to use design as an agent of positive social and ecological change. Rightsize Facility is a forward thinking company who has the values we would like to see in more companies from diverse market sectors. We respect and support their work and hope that it pushes other companies to advance to 21st century expectations.

-Andrew Balster, Executive Director of Archeworks