When you plan changes to your work space your biggest challenge can be placing the big picture in perspective. Rightsize Facility provides the ideal solution that gives you a literal sneak peek into your office design. VisionFX, our space visualization tool, simplifies your company’s move or renovation. Here are the five ways how VisionFX will make your office upgrade a smooth transition.

1. Use Technology to See Your New Office Now

VisionFX utilizes 3D design software to deliver a complete interactive display of your office. What makes it more immersive than most 3D rendered experiences is the added ability to “walk through” your office using 3D goggles. What better way to experience your office pre-renovation than to feel what it would be like to walk in it after all the work is done?

2. Accurate Visual Representation

What you see is what you get when you view your office with VisionFX. Instead of turning the final product into a guessing game, your 3D office is modeled off your current office’s exact measurements so that everything fits in the rendering exactly how it will fit in reality.

3. Improves Efficiency

VisionFX improves efficiency for real estate brokers and property managers to architects and general contractors by enabling anyone to view a visual representation of the completed project via mobile or browser-based devices. The tool’s space planning capabilities also improves project management efficiency by ensuring accuracy prior to furniture procurement.

4. Lowers Costs

With the significant cost of construction and lead time needed to build out spec suites, VisionFX offers landlords and property managers a more cost-effective option. The technology reduces the number of model offices being physically built and instead gives the option to build and view them digitally, at a fraction of the cost. These presentations will provide the same visual value to perspective tenants, while saving on construction costs and lead times associated with traditional build outs.

5. Realize Your Vision

All of these factors add up to one point: that you get the office that you want. VisionFX helps you afford the ability to preview your office, eliminating potential hurdles in the design process.

Rightsize can shape your office design before your very eyes. Want to learn more?