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VIPAR Heavy Duty


Location: Hoffman Estates, IL
Size: 300,000-sf
Architect Firm: EWP Architects
Manufacturing Partners: AIS, Global Furniture Group, Enwork, Arcadia, and Encore



Rightsize Facility embarked on a collaborative project with VIPAR Heavy Duty Inc., a leader in the independent truck parts distribution industry, to develop a new workspace in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The primary goal was to enhance the brand’s visibility while integrating sustainable practices into the design, reflecting VIPAR’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

Design Solution

Working closely with EWP Architects, our team crafted a modern and efficient workspace that emphasizes VIPAR Heavy Duty Inc.’s brand identity. We selected high-quality, sustainably sourced furnishings from trusted partners such as AIS, Global Furniture Group, Enwork, Arcadia, and Encore to ensure that every aspect of the office not only met environmental standards but also provided functional and aesthetic value. The design strategy involved creating a neutral color palette that serves as a backdrop, highlighting warm wood tones and carefully chosen furniture to create a welcoming and professional atmosphere.


Desired Outcome

The new workspace for VIPAR Heavy Duty Inc. stands as a testament to Rightsize Facility’s ability to merge style with sustainability. The environment we created promotes productivity and offers a visually appealing space that respects the planet. The use of sustainable materials and furniture not only supports the ecological goals of VIPAR but also sets a standard for future corporate spaces. This project not only meets the immediate needs of VIPAR Heavy Duty Inc. but also showcases our commitment to delivering work environments that are both beautiful and responsible, reflecting the unique identities of our clients while promoting long-term sustainability.