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Vienna Beef


Location: Chicago, IL
Size: 11,400 sf

Architecture Firm: Curioso Architects
General Contractor: Evans Construction Services LLC.
Manufacturing Partners: AIS, JSI, Allermuir



Vienna Beef, a quintessential Chicago institution famed for its iconic hot dogs, aimed to reconnect with its origins by relocating its headquarters back to Damen Avenue. This move was not merely a physical relocation but a symbolic return to the heart of where it all began, reinforcing the company’s commitment to its roots and community.

Design Solution

In collaboration with architects and our design team, we faced the challenging task of transforming an existing space into Vienna Beef’s new headquarters within a tight six-week timeline. Our approach centered on blending functional design with aesthetic excellence to reflect the brand’s iconic status. We utilized dramatic contrasts in the décor, pairing soft textiles with robust materials to craft a space that is as inviting as it is functional. The design not only facilitates efficient operations but also enhances the overall experience for staff and visitors.

Desired Outcome

The renovated headquarters now serves multiple purposes: it’s a bustling hub for employees and a welcoming space for customers. Moreover, it houses a captivating history museum that celebrates Vienna Beef’s storied legacy in Chicago. This museum not only honors the past but also educates visitors about the brand’s significant role in shaping the local culinary landscape. Adjacent to the museum, a newly opened restaurant offers a taste of Chicago’s rich food heritage, allowing visitors to experience the flavors that have made the city’s cuisine famous worldwide. With this project, Vienna Beef has successfully preserved its historical essence while stepping confidently into the future, ensuring its legacy continues to enrich Chicago’s cultural and culinary scene.