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Spec Suite


Location: Chicago, IL
Size: 15,010-sf
General Contractor: Power Construction

Architecture Firm: Eckenhoff Saunders
Manufacturing Partners: AIS, Narbutas, Friant, KFI, OFS, Enwork, and 9to5



The mission for the 203 North LaSalle project was to elevate the 19th floor into a turnkey spec suite that embodies both functionality and sophisticated design. In line with Transwestern Leasing Team’s aspirations, we aimed to create a versatile and attractive workspace that would appeal to a diverse range of business professionals, leveraging the building’s status as a cultural and architectural landmark in the Loop.

Design Solution

Our approach involved a holistic design strategy that integrated advanced furniture solutions with meticulous attention to finishes and materiality. Each workstation and private office was equipped with height-adjustable desks to promote ergonomic comfort and adaptability. We designed a variety of meeting spaces, ranging from casual lounges to formal conference rooms, ensuring that each area was suited to different types of business interactions and work styles. Collaborating closely with Eckenhoff Saunders’ interior team, we carefully selected finishes and materials that complemented the building’s architectural elements, enhancing the overall aesthetic while maintaining a modern feel.


Desired Outcome

The completed spec suite on the 19th floor of 203 North LaSalle is now a prime example of modern workspace design that meets the demands of today’s dynamic business environment. The suite not only provides functional and stylish office solutions but also reflects the cultural significance and architectural beauty of its location. With these enhancements, the space is poised to attract a wide variety of prospective tenants, offering them an environment that is not just a place to work, but a place to thrive and connect with the city’s rich cultural tapestry. This project demonstrates our ability to transform traditional office spaces into engaging, contemporary environments that cater to the needs of diverse businesses.