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Spec Suite


Location: Chicago, IL
Size: 2,471-sf
Project Management Firm: Lincoln Property Company 
Manufacturing Partners: AIS and Source 



Our collaboration with Lincoln Property Company aimed to furnish Suite 401 in the historic 175 N Franklin building, which stands as one of Chicago’s oldest structures surviving the Great Chicago Fire. The goal was to create a spec suite that blends flexibility with aesthetic appeal, providing a modern workspace within a building that echoes the rich history of Chicago.

Design Solution

For Suite 401, we focused on designing a space that honors the architectural heritage of 175 N Franklin while integrating contemporary design elements that meet today’s business needs. The suite was planned with versatility in mind, allowing for various configurations that can adapt to different tenant requirements. Modern amenities were seamlessly incorporated to enhance functionality without detracting from the building’s historic charm. The design included high-quality, flexible furniture solutions that complement the architectural details, such as high ceilings and exposed brick, creating a unique juxtaposition of old and new.


Desired Outcome

The newly furnished Suite 401 at 175 N Franklin successfully marries historical significance with modern design, offering a workspace that is not only functional and flexible but also deeply connected to the city’s heritage. This spec suite serves as a prime example of how contemporary office design can enhance a historic setting, providing tenants with a unique and inspiring environment. Its prime location in downtown Chicago further adds value, offering easy access to public transportation and the vibrant life of the city, making it an attractive space for businesses looking to thrive in a dynamic setting.