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What Are Office Partition Walls?

Office partition walls refer to a piece of furniture that divides an office into separate, distinct spaces. In the past, office partition walls were commonly used to break up large rooms into smaller ones. With the current health and safety standards of today, offices can utilize office partition walls to promote wellness in the workplace.

In recent years, the open floor-plan office was the most popular and trendy type of office space for collaborative companies and businesses. Now that social distancing is being utilized in the office, the open floor-plan office needs to take on some changes to ensure that employees feel safe and comfortable in their work environment.

Office partition walls provide a simple solution to supporting social distancing in the open office. With office partition walls, you add a layer of protection to keep employees safe, as well as provide a more private, dedicated space for them to be more productive.

Rightsize Facility is a leading company in new office furniture and office design solutions. One of our specialties at Rightsize Facility is office transitions, and right now, just about every office in the world needs to transition to remain functional during these times.

At Rightsize Facility, we know that it is essential to create a work environment that promotes safety, wellness, and productivity. Because of this, we offer a variety of office partition walls and other furniture solutions that are specifically designed to increase safety in the office.  

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Advantages Of Utilizing Office Partition Walls

Just about every organization is prioritizing employee health and wellness over everything else. Office partition walls are an amazing Covid-friendly piece of office furniture because they keep employees safe; however, they also provide many other advantages.

Listed below are some of the advantages of utilizing office partition walls that we have seen first-hand at Rightsize Facility:

  • De-Densify Large Spaces – De-densification is one of the best and easiest ways to hinder the spread of germs and illnesses in any large space. In the office, de-densifying large spaces like collaborative spaces, break rooms, and waiting areas can be easily accomplished with office partition walls.

  • Provide A More Personal Work Station – If your office is an open, free-flowing environment, office partition walls will give each employee a more dedicated, private work station. With a personal space to get work done, distractions are minimized while still allowing employees to communicate with one another when necessary.

  • Promote Social Distancing – Office partition walls reconfigure your office to naturally encourage social distancing. With office partition walls in place, employees will feel extremely comfortable that they are protected from the spread of illnesses in the office.

These are just a few of the advantages that office partitions provide. At Rightsize Facility, we offer the best modern office partitions so that your office can create an environment of safety and productivity.

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Where To Buy Modern Office Partitions – Rightsize Facility

If you need to purchase modern office partitions, look no further than Rightsize Facility. At Rightsize Facility, we work with over two hundred contract grade manufacturers. Because of this, we are able to provide our clients with only the best and highest quality office partition walls around.

At Rightsize Facility, we know that many offices need to reshape their workplace to effectively promote safety, wellness, and productivity. With office partition walls, you can make your employees feel more comfortable and protected in their work environment.

When it comes to office furniture, Rightsize Facility has the expertise and experience to guide you. If you’re looking to implement office partition walls into your current office, Rightsize Facility is here to help.  Contact Us Here to get started!

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