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Whether your company is looking to renovate, reconfigure, or move to a new location completely, you are going to need not only New Office Furniture, but a company like Rightsize Facility that specializes in each and every step of the redesign and renovation process.

When your company is in need of New Office Furniture, you should rely on a trusted partner with expert knowledge of interior office design as well as a vast network of vendors to get the office of your dreams.

At Rightsize Facility, we do not cut any corners when it comes to providing only the best New Office Furniture when we plan, furnish, and service new office space! We will collaborate with your company each step of the way during the process.

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Different Types Of Office Areas To Furnish With New Office Furniture And More

Before our team at Rightsize Facility starts suggesting and providing New Office Furniture for our clients, we will first craft an initial plan for the new space. This includes visual presentations and renderings for all the possible areas that will require updated furnishings and more.

Here are some common areas that need planning:

  • Reception Area: When trying to find the best New Office Furniture In Chicago for the reception area, our specialists consider pieces that suggest openness and a sense of welcoming, such as loveseats, pillows, plants, and a sizeable front office desk for the receptionist.
  • Break Room: Your employees deserve furnishings that make them feel accounted for, relaxed, and also welcome – and doing this in your break room is just the way to make them feel great! Rightsize Facility specializes in unique New Office Furniture In Chicago for all break room needs!
  • Conference Room: Conference rooms are places you do not want to skip over when it comes to deciding upon new furniture or new layouts for the company. At Rightsize Facility, we have a plentiful stock of the best conference chairs and tables that will win over any potential investor or client!
  • C-level Offices: The New Office Furniture in Chicago that Rightsize Facility specializes in also accounts for higher level employees, such as managers or C-level staff. New Office Furniture that fit well in these spaces are bookshelves, personal desks, larger executive chairs, and more!
  • Break Out Rooms: Break out rooms are somewhat underplayed, but they are critical to the success of a business – especially one that has frequent training, smaller group presentations, and more.

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