7 Tips for a Future-Proof, Sustainable Workplace

As the corporate landscape continually evolves, Rightsize Facility remains at the forefront, crafting office spaces that not only meet but anticipate the demands of tomorrow’s workforce. Embracing a blend of sustainability, technological integration, and human-centered design, we are shaping office environments that foster productivity, wellness, and a greener future.


1. Hybrid Office Design: Adapting to the New Normal

The hybrid working model has revolutionized office design, offering us a cainvas to reimagine workplaces that cater to flexibility, collaboration, and individual focus. Our approach, inspired by continuous improvement akin to software development, involves creating spaces that evolve over time, meeting the dynamic needs of businesses and their employees. This includes designing distinct zones for collaboration, concentration, and relaxation, ensuring that each area supports the activities it is meant to facilitate.


2. First Impressions Matter: Transformative Office Entrances

The entrance of an office is a critical touchpoint that sets the tone for visitors and employees alike. Recognizing this, we design reception areas and entryways that are not just passageways, but bold statements of brand identity and corporate values. Using design-led elements such as bespoke reception desks and branded installations, we ensure that every first impression is both impactful and reflective of our client’s ethos.


3. Enhancing Well-Being with Natural Elements

Prioritizing natural light and ventilation—essential elements that significantly enhance workplace well-being and productivity. Our designs strategically utilize open-plan layouts and glazed partitions to maximize light distribution. Moreover, we incorporate outdoor access and green spaces to not only boost morale but also provide tangible health benefits, reinforcing our commitment to creating offices that care for their occupants.

4. Smart Office Design: Integrating Technology and Flexibility

Our office designs seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology to create smart, agile workplaces. From occupancy sensors that optimize space usage to advanced air quality controls that ensure a healthy environment, our smart solutions enhance both operational efficiency and employee satisfaction. This technological foresight is integral to our designs, preparing our clients for future trends and needs.

5. Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is at the core of every project we undertake. We carefully select materials that are not only environmentally friendly but also conducive to creating a healthy workplace. Our commitment extends beyond using recycled materials; it encompasses a holistic approach to sustainability, from energy-efficient designs to furnishings that can be repurposed or recycled, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing aesthetic and functional value.

6. Office Design as a Reflection of Corporate Identity

Understanding that an office reflects its company, we tailor each design to convey the unique brand and culture of our clients. Whether it’s through the strategic use of color to enhance mood and productivity or the incorporation of biophilic elements that connect the indoor environment with nature, our designs are thoughtful representations of identity and purpose.

7. Design for Flexibility and Future Growth

As the workplace continues to evolve, so does our approach to office design. We create spaces that are not only flexible but also adaptable to future changes. This includes modular furniture and configurable layouts that can easily be adjusted as team sizes and functions evolve. Our focus on evidence-based design ensures that every decision is supported by data, optimizing the use of space and resources.

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Celebrating Sustainability – Rightsize Facility’s Commitment to a Greener Tomorrow

This Earth Day, Rightsize Facility is proud to reaffirm our commitment to sustainability. As leaders in providing eco-friendly office furniture solutions, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet. Our partnerships with manufacturers who share our values ensure that every product we offer not only enhances your workspace but also protects the environment.

Sustainable Practices at the Heart of Our Operations

At Rightsize Facility, sustainability isn’t just a policy; it’s a practice woven into every aspect of our business. From the products we select to the ways we operate, every decision is made with the environment in mind. We furnish workspaces with products certified by Greenguard, The International Living Future Institute, and more, ensuring they meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Partner Highlights

Our Green Stories initiative showcases the sustainable efforts of our manufacturing partners.

Here are just a few examples:

  • AIS: Known for their high use of recycled materials and energy-returning facilities, AIS has effectively brought their carbon footprint to nearly zero. Their partnership with ANEW diverts surplus furniture from landfills, giving it new life within local communities.
  • OFS: OFS maintains forest management certifications and actively engages in recycling and reuse programs to minimize landfill waste, targeting 100% solid waste diversion. Their lean manufacturing initiatives reduce waste through optimizing software that maximizes material yields for each project. Additionally, OFS has launched two new textiles, Allure and Roam, made with Repreve recycled fibers, with Allure incorporating 31 recycled bottles per yard and Roam using 21 recycled bottles per yard.
  • Watson: Watson’s commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through their use of recycled and recyclable materials, ensuring no off-gassing toxins and promoting a long lifecycle for all products. They also manage to return a significant portion of their used materials to the environment in a beneficial manner.
  • Global Furniture Group: This manufacturer has reduced their electricity consumption significantly and recycles 88% of their production waste. They’ve eliminated harmful chemicals in their processes, showcasing their commitment to protecting the ozone layer.
  • Humanscale: This innovative company goes beyond neutral to deliver a net positive impact. Their manufacturing processes ensure that every product made improves the planet, underpinned by rigorous sustainability goals across multiple domains.
Our Pledge for the Future

Rightsize Facility is more than just a furniture supplier; we are your partner in achieving sustainable development goals. Our pledge is to continue advancing our sustainability initiatives, reducing our environmental impact, and helping our clients create greener spaces that do not just look good but also do go.

As we celebrate Earth Day, we invite you to join us in embracing sustainable practices that help protect our planet for future generations. Together, we can make a significant impact.

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Rightsize Facility

As we mark International Women’s Day this year, Rightsize Facility proudly stands in support of women’s achievements and advocates for a more inclusive and gender-equal world. In an industry traditionally dominated by men, we are keenly aware of the importance of creating spaces that not only welcome but also empower women to excel and lead.



Our Pledge for Progress

At Rightsize Facility, we believe that our strength lies in our diversity. Women bring unique perspectives, ideas, and leadership styles that are essential for innovation and growth. This International Women’s Day, we renew our pledge to break the bias and foster an environment where women’s contributions are recognized, celebrated, and integral to our success.


Celebrating Women’s Achievements 

Our journey towards gender equality is paved with the incredible achievements of our female colleagues. From project managers and designers to executives and field operatives, women at Rightsize Facility are leading the way, showcasing the indispensable role they play at every level of our organization.

We are proud to highlight stories of women who have made significant contributions to our company and the facility management industry. Their dedication, expertise, and leadership inspire us all and demonstrate the power of women in shaping the future of our sector.

Commitment to Inclusion and Diversity 

Inclusion and diversity are more than just buzzwords at Rightsize Facility; they are at the core of our values and strategic planning.

We are committed to:

Encouraging female leadership: through leadership training and a supportive network, we aim to increase the representation of women in leadership roles within our company.

Promoting STEM education for girls: Recognizing the importance of early education in shaping future careers, we support initiatives that encourage girls to pursue studies and careers in STEM fields, including those related to facility management and design.

Fostering a supportive workplace culture: We strive to create a work environment where women feel valued, heard, and supported in their career aspirations and personal growth.

Moving Forward:

This International Women’s Day, let us all pledge to appreciate the achievements of women around us, challenge stereotypes, and work towards a more inclusive world. At Rightsize Facility, we remain committed to driving change, celebrating diversity, and empowering every member of our team to reach their full potential.

Join us as we continue to celebrate women’s achievements, push for progress, and build a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone in the facility management industry and beyond.




You MUST Rethink Your Workspace in 2024

You MUST Rethink Your Workspace

In the dynamic landscape of 2024, the traditional concept of an office has undergone a revolutionary transformation. This year, it’s imperative for businesses to rethink their office environments, embracing new trends that focus on creating an enriching, sustainable, and flexible workplace. Here’s a deep dive into the office and workplace design trends of 2024 that are shaping the future of work.

Experience Multipliers: Immersive and Inspiring Designs
The modern office is no longer just a place to work; it’s an “experience multiplier.” Designing spaces that inspire loyalty, boost sales, and enhance vibrancy is crucial. These immersive designs create a shared sense of belonging and purpose, turning the workplace into a destination that employees are drawn to, not just a location they have to visit.

Sustainable Design: An Obligation, Not an Option
Sustainability has shifted from a trend to an essential component of office design. In 2024, eco-friendly practices and materials are not just preferred; they are expected. Businesses are now obligated to incorporate sustainable designs, focusing on reducing their carbon footprint, promoting environmental responsibility and contributing to the circular economy.

Transforming Workplaces into Compelling Destinations
The focus has moved from counting heads in the office to understanding what future work looks like. The aim is to support the diverse needs of employees, transforming workplaces into compelling destinations that cater to various workstyles and preferences.

Designing Holistic Employee Experiences
Physical spaces are now being designed to create more holistic and effective employee experiences. This involves understanding the different personas within the workplace, such as the “Focused Creator” or the “Supportive Mentor,” and designing environments that cater to their specific needs.

Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Solutions
The increased need to understand individuals and teams has led to multifaceted workplace designs. These customized environments go beyond the one-size-fits-all approach, focusing on enhancing the workplace experience for every individual.

Outdated Trends and Embracing New Aesthetics
2023 saw an oversaturation of certain design trends like Greenwashing and AI-Generated Design. This year, we’re moving away from these overused elements, like Squiggle or Wavy Furniture, and embracing fresh, innovative design concepts.

Defining the Purpose of Your Office
It’s crucial to define the purpose of your office. Supporting the hybrid workforce with functional, amenitized spaces tailored to their needs is key. A future-friendly workplace enables staff to choose how, when, and where they work, adapting to the evolving dynamics of work-life balance.

Inclusive Spaces: The ‘Me, We, and Us’ Approach
Offices in 2024 are incorporating a variety of inclusive spaces, catering to individual needs (‘me’), team collaboration (‘we’), and company-wide interactions (‘us’). This approach ensures that every employee, regardless of their work style or needs, finds a space that resonates with them, enhancing both productivity and comfort.

Art with Impact: Beyond Aesthetics
The selection of office art is undergoing a transformation. Gone are the days when art was chosen solely for its aesthetic value. In 2024, art in the workplace is intentional, reflecting the company’s brand, culture, and community ties. This approach to office art creates a more meaningful and connected work environment.

Office as a Catalyst for Well-being
Recognizing the significant impact of the workplace on employee health, offices in 2024 are designed with well-being in mind. From ergonomic furniture to wellness-focused amenities, the office environment is becoming a key factor in promoting physical and mental health.

Mental Health: A Core Business Concern
The past three years have seen a renewed understanding of mental health’s importance in life and work. Offices are now designed to support employee well-being, recognizing that a mentally healthy workforce is not only more satisfied and productive but also crucial for business continuity.

In conclusion, the office of 2024 is no longer just a physical space for work; it’s a carefully crafted environment that considers sustainability, employee well-being, inclusivity, and the evolving needs of a hybrid workforce. By embracing these trends, organizations can create a workplace that not only meets the demands of the modern world but also fosters a culture of innovation, productivity, and employee satisfaction. This year, rethinking your office isn’t just a recommendation; it’s a necessity.

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The Rise of Return on Commute (ROC) – How to Optimize Your Workplace for the New Era of Work

The Rise of Return on Commute (ROC) – How to Optimize Your Workplace for the New Era of Work

In today’s hybrid work environment, employees are increasingly evaluating their commute time and its impact on their productivity and well-being. This has led to the emergence of a new concept called “Return on Commute” (ROC), which is similar to the traditional business metric “Return on Investment” (ROI).

ROC measures the value of an employee’s commute in terms of the time they spend working productively versus the time they spend traveling to and from the office. A high ROC indicates that the commute is worthwhile, while a low ROC suggests that the commute is not justified.

Several factors can affect an employee’s ROC, including:

  • Commute length: The longer the commute, the lower the ROC is likely to be.
  • Commute mode: Commuting by public transportation or car can be stressful and time-consuming, while cycling or walking can be more enjoyable and productive.
  • Office environment: A well-designed and equipped office can make employees more productive and engaged, making a commute more worthwhile.

How to Optimize Your Workplace for High ROC:
Businesses can take several steps to optimize their workplace for high ROC:

  • Offer flexible work arrangements: Allow employees to work from home or other locations some or all of the time. This can reduce commute times and improve employee satisfaction.
  • Provide a comfortable and productive office environment: Invest in ergonomic furniture, create collaborative spaces, and offer amenities such as healthy snacks and on-site fitness facilities.
  • Foster a culture of connection and belonging: Encourage employees to socialize and collaborate with each other, both in person and remotely. This can make employees feel more connected to the company and make the commute more worthwhile.

Rightsize Facility’s Role in Optimizing Workplace ROC:
Rightsize Facility can help businesses optimize their workplace for high ROC by providing:

  • Space planning and design services: Our experts can help you create a workspace that is both functional and appealing to employees.
  • Ergonomic furniture solutions: We offer a wide variety of ergonomic furniture that can help reduce employee fatigue and improve productivity.
  • Workplace technology solutions: We can help you implement technology that can improve communication and collaboration between employees, both in person and remotely.

By investing in a workplace that optimizes ROC, businesses can improve employee productivity, well-being, and retention. This can lead to a more competitive and successful organization.

Additional Tips for Optimizing Workplace ROC:

  • Survey employees: Ask employees about their commute satisfaction and identify areas for improvement.
  • Track commute data: Collect data on employee commute times and modes to identify patterns and trends.
  • Experiment with different work arrangements: Try different flexible work arrangements to see what works best for your employees and your business.
  • Communicate openly and honestly: Keep employees updated on any changes to workplace policies or procedures.

By following these tips, businesses can create a workplace that is attractive to employees and optimizes their ROC. This can lead to a more productive, engaged, and successful workforce.

A Quick Guide to Choosing Industrial Racking for Your Business

A Quick Guide to Choosing Industrial Racking for Your Business

Unlock Efficient Storage with Industrial Racks: Designed for warehouses, logistics centers, and stores, industrial racks provide the perfect solution for everything from heavy-duty machinery to fragile goods. That’s where Rightsize Facility comes in, proudly partnering with industrial racking leader Interlake Mecalux to guide you to the perfect fit.

Identify Your Goods

Know your products inside and out. For elongated items like beams or pipes, cantilever racking could be the ideal choice.

Pallet Strategy?

Using pallets? Find a rack designed for them. Storing large volumes? The Pallet Shuttle system might be your answer.


Your inventory approach matters. Choose standard flow racks for FIFO, or push-back racks for LIFO management.

Handling Equipment

Planning to use forklifts or other machinery? Match them with the right racks to ensure safety and efficiency.

Temperature Considerations

Storing perishable goods? Keep an eye on ambient temperature and adhere to necessary standards.

Size Matters

Your warehouse’s space and ceiling height will help you pinpoint the industrial rack that’s the best fit for you.

Don’t forget: one size doesn’t fit all. Your unique business requirements shape your rack needs. Take a moment to consult with our expert storage professionals and steer clear of costly mistakes. Reach out to us today! Our enthusiastic facility services team is standing by, ready to guide you to the ideal industrial rack for your space. Your perfect storage solution awaits!

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Unveiling the Trendsetting Designs of NeoCon 2023

Unveiling The Trendsetting Designs of NeoCon 2023

NeoCon, the premier commercial interiors trade show, never fails to showcase the latest trends and innovations in the world of design and architecture. As we delve into the trends that emerged from NeoCon 2023, it becomes apparent that this year’s offerings are a delightful blend of nostalgia and contemporary creativity. From captivating colors to dynamic shapes and ingenious product concepts, the design community has once again pushed the boundaries of what is possible. Join us as we explore the standout trends that will shape commercial interiors in the coming months. 

Colors that Speak Volumes:

NeoCon 2023 presented a refreshing color palette that captivated attendees. Designers embraced nature-inspired hues, with greens reminiscent of lush foliage, blush tones evoking gentle warmth, mustard adding a vibrant touch, and rust/clay shades creating a grounding, earthy atmosphere. This harmonious blend of colors creates a soothing and inviting environment, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.


Embracing Contrasts and Textures:

Intriguing combinations of colors and materials took center stage at NeoCon 2023. Two-toned designs provided a visually striking contrast, infusing spaces with a sense of dynamism. Mixed materials, such as combining wood and metal or fabric and leather, brought depth and character to furniture and decor. Boucle fabric, with its plush texture, made a strong comeback, adding both comfort and visual interest to seating arrangements. Custom colored wood stains further emphasized individuality and allowed designers to tailor their creations to specific aesthetics.

Shapes that Evoke Nostalgia:

NeoCon 2023 harked back to the 1970s, as soft lines and curved forms emerged as dominant design elements. The pill shape, with its gentle contours, replaced rigid squares, infusing spaces with a sense of fluidity and relaxation. Waves and puffy shapes also made a bold appearance, evoking a nostalgic vibe and adding a playful touch to interiors. These organic shapes invite users to unwind and find comfort in their surroundings.

Product Innovations for Enhanced Functionality:

NeoCon 2023 showcased ingenious product concepts that prioritize user comfort and well-being. User adjustable furniture gained prominence, allowing individuals to tailor their seating arrangements to their unique preferences. Integrated planters into furniture not only brought the outdoors in but also promoted a connection with nature. Height adjustable reception desks accommodated individuals of varying statures, promoting ergonomic workspaces. Skinny angled storage units provided clever storage solutions for compact spaces, while fully furnished phone rooms created private areas for communication in open-plan environments. Writeable surfaces adorned walls and furniture, fostering creativity and collaboration. Additionally, PET material made its presence felt, extending beyond bottles and finding its way onto chairs, making sustainable choices more accessible.

Thoughtful Space Division:

NeoCon 2023 emphasized the importance of thoughtful space division to enhance privacy and productivity. Manufactureres showcased innovative approaches to create designated areas within open-plan environments. These divisions were not merely physical but also catered to the sensory needs of individuals, providing them with quiet zones or spaces for focused work. Thoughtfully designed partitions, screens, and acoustical solutions promoted a sense of personal space while maintaining the benefits of collaboration and flexibility.


NeoCon 2023 presented a cornucopia of trends that will shape commercial interiors in the months to come. From the captivating color palette to the incorporation of nostalgic shapes and textures, designers showcased their ability to seamlessly blend the old and the new. The emphasis on user comfort and functionality, evident in user adjustable furniture and integrated planters, signifies the growing focus on well-being in workspaces. The thoughtful space division solutions reflect the need to strike a balance between privacy and collaboration. As we move forward, these trends will undoubtedly inspire.

Spring Forward: Office Design Trends for Spring 2023

Get ready to incorporate natural textures such as wood and stone into your office design this spring and summer, as natural themes are in trend. Using natural light to enhance workers’ happiness and reduce operational costs is also a popular principle. Eco-friendly designs that preserve the environment, such as green walls, are in vogue. For color schemes, light and dark colors such as green and beige are favored, along with incorporating company logo colors. “Homey” amenities such as cozy sofas, luxurious carpets, and artworks are becoming more popular. Artistic wall decorations, noise reduction, and right acoustics, flexible layouts, combining antique and modern elements, smart technology design, and safe surroundings are all trends in office design. By embracing innovative and comfortable designs, you can stay ahead in business and impress customers.

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2023 Workplace Design Trends: How to Transform Your Workspace for the Future

The way we work is changing rapidly, and workplace design trends are evolving to meet the demands of a new era. In 2023, businesses will need to stay up-to-date with the latest design trends to create workspaces that are conducive to productivity, collaboration, and employee well-being. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 2023 workplace design trends and how to implement them in your office space.

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