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Location: Ann Arbor, MI


Space Type: Logistics


Size: 18,000-sf

Manufacturing Partners: AIS, Arcadia, Encore, SilenSpace, Lencore, TurfDesign, Planterra



Seeking to create a brand new headquarter that would support the rapid growth of their company, this Ann Arbor-based Freight and Logistics Tech Startup collaborated with Rightsize to complete this new endeavor of pulling off a functional and innovative space that is reflective of their business.


Design Solution

Rightsize delved into the company’s culture and working system and came up with the ultimate design solution which includes creating a variety of working setups that would induce productivity and will allow their employees to work flexibly. We created individual spaces for each department relative to their needs and provided lots of areas for them to gather and collaborate or to do heads-down work. The space includes high-end reception and meeting rooms to greet their global clients but also includes casual spaces for their team to relax and recharge.


Desired Outcome
Productivity is the core asset needed for businesses to succeed. And with that principle in mind, Rightsize incorporated a customized and well-designed set of furnishings that not only enhances the visual aesthetics of the space but is also guaranteed to increase employees’ work efficiency and satisfaction.