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A Financing Company Plans a More Connected Office

A Financing Company Plans a More Connected Office

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In early 2016, a commercial real estate and home financing company was experiencing major growing pains.

The company was composed of three entities, and it occupied three different suites within the same building. This separation was causing a disjointed corporate culture and poor communication among staff. Since the company was on the verge of hiring more employees, it took the opportunity to move into a larger space that could accommodate everyone.  

Rightsize analyzed the client’s specific needs for space planning, and used its budget wisely by selecting remanufactured furniture from brands including Herman Miller, Global, and Offices to Go. Modern workstations incorporated low panels and colorful cushion-top mobile pedestals to open up the office. Rightsize opted for neutral paint and fabric tones, with pops of color, that would brighten up the area and make it seem more spacious and inviting.  

“The new space was night and day from what they had,” said Danielle Mader, Workplace Solutions Manager. “Before there were high panels, dark corners, and secluded areas; it closed people off from each other. Now everyone is in one space, and it’s much brighter and more collaborative. They were hesitant about the low panels at first because of noise, but they took our recommendation and now they love them.”

Rightsize also tied the spirit of collaboration into other spaces of the office. Each of the three company divisions received its own open meeting area that integrated premium pre-owned lounge seating, dry erase boards, and laptop tables. And multipurpose conference tables combined work surfaces and file cabinets that joined to walls with mounted TVs.

“This project was a great example of the creative solutions Rightsize can find on a budget,” said Mader. “The company is already expanding again. We’re looking forward to building our relationship and finding more opportunities to work together.”

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