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Why Clients Love VisionFX, A Space Visualization Tool

Why Clients Love VisionFX, A Space Visualization Tool

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Why Clients Love VisionFX, A Space Visualization Tool

When we work on a commercial real estate (CRE) project, one of our biggest challenges is helping the client visualize what the completed space will look like.

How will the office feel when you walk through it? How will the different elements – the furniture, the flooring, the lighting, the wall colors – come together in the end? We can use two-dimensional drawings, photos, and color swatches to give a client an idea of what the final result will be. But these flat images never quite capture the reality of a space.

Rightsize Facility developed VisionFX, an interactive, three-dimensional space visualization tool, to solve this problem. Here’s how VisionFX serves our clients’ needs – and why they love it.

VisionFX Brings a Space to Life 

Rightsize provides turnkey CRE solutions; we partner with every client to PLAN, FURNISH and SERVICE their space. We follow a three-step process: identifying needs, illustrating the vision, and implementing the vision. VisionFX delivers a complete, accurate, and immersive display of a client’s new office on a mobile or browser-based device, so they can examine it in detail before any construction work begins or furniture orders are submitted.

“It’s hard to wrap your brain around a space that is theoretical and not physical,” said Rightsize President Mason Awtry. “But VisionFX eliminates that mental block. It actually gives you the opportunity to ‘walk through’ your future office using 3D goggles, so you really experience it before you put the work into building or furnishing it.”

VisionFX Solves Problems Before They Begin

Commercial real estate projects often entail significant lead times and expenses, which only grow when clients decide to change course midway through a build-out. VisionFX is designed to give clients a more comprehensive overview of the project early in the planning process. It uses a digital build-out to identify potential problems and find solutions long before the physical work starts – saving clients substantial time and money.

“It’s incredible to see a visual presentation that includes every single specification for our clients’ offices,” said Awtry. “VisionFX makes it easy to look around and see what works and what needs to change. You can decide early if something needs to be moved or tweaked to get the final product your striving for. It’s far more cost-effective to make modifications before you’ve finalized your plans.” 

Interested in learning more about Rightsize Facility’s CRE solutions? Request a VisionFX demo.

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