Tia thoughtfully integrates adjustment in a refined furniture collection designed for private office and collaborative meeting spaces. 

The design of Tia was inspired by the principles of balance and symmetry; how one strong element can support another when perfectly poised.

Tia thoughtfully integrates height-adjustability in the private office, team meeting, and conference spaces.

Unlike traditional casegoods, the Tia Collection provides an adaptive platform that can quickly flex between individual and group work – seamlessly integrating adjustability, technology, and aesthetics from private offices to meeting spaces.

The curated palette of materials, all sustainably focused, harmonize the Tia Collection across the workplace and offer ample inspiration to delight the senses.


Tia Team meeting tables bring height-adjustability and technology to the dynamic flow of collaborative work and dispersed teams.

The dynamic nature of work means that spaces and furniture are more agile. The meeting room may support a project team one instant and become a get-away space for focused work the next. Nothing is static as activities move us from sitting to standing across the workday.


Simple, freestanding components come together to create scalable and endlessly configurable workstations that are ready for the offices of today and tomorrow.

Designed to give users the freedom to move throughout the day without all the clutter, Bahn is a rail-based system that is independent of surrounding infrastructure. Bahn delivers height adjustable worksurfaces, mobile and fixed storage, and easy access to power, all while actively managing open office cord clutter.

The Work Island is a give-back to teams that share project materials. With open and closed storage options, the standing height islands become hubs of activity that invite collaboration, especially with a markerboard top surface.

Dual-sided storage modules provide a range of storage types from open to closed, with options for stacking, piling or filing. Storage includes lockers and a recycle center on the end to help clean up the clutter.


The Seven Workbench creates an efficient workstation that delivers power, data and height-adjustability in one product. The integrated design includes advanced cable management and increased cost efficiency for active and beautiful office environments.


Designed by San-Francisco based duo Mike and Maaike, the Tonic collection of benching and storage pairs clean design with honest materials, robust construction, an easy-to-understand specification and installation logic.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest, Watson Furniture Group’s office furniture synthesizes style, cutting-edge technology and a deep commitment to the use of recycled materials and environmentally sustainable business practices.

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