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Spec Suite


Location: Chicago, IL

Space Type: Spec Suite

Size: 29,000-sf

Manufacturing Partners: AIS, Groupe Lacasse, Office Furniture Center



As one of Chicago’s premier real estate investment firms, Riverside Investment and Development focuses on delivering advanced, tenant-focused buildings. For their 55-story North Wacker building offering unparalleled views of the Chicago River, the investment firm sought a creative furniture dealer to furnish three model office suites that matched the firm’s premium and modern style to draw in long-term tenants.


Design Solution

With a vast network of furniture vendors at our disposal, Rightsize got to work creating a furniture recommendation package. We made detailed visuals for Riverside’s model office suites, including workstations, private offices, reception areas, conference rooms, and breakrooms. 

Bringing together style and functionality
Riverside partnered with Rightsize to deliver three spec suites that were styled with a neutral color palette to allow the city’s skyline to take center stage. The look and feel of the design incorporated urban, modern, and professional glam, resulting in an elegant, functional, and engagement-focused atmosphere.

For example, the industrial-style workstations were designed with open-concept office spaces in mind and struck the right balance between privacy and collaboration areas — and style. The conference room table also played up the industrial theme. It proved that modern styles and office functionality could coexist with ample power and data options integrated into the conference table. Office chairs and breakroom stools were offered in various colors and styles for their design and posture support.


Desired Outcome

Our goal was to create a modern, high-end office space that mixed elegance and function. We incorporated furniture with varying tones of white, grey, deep blue, tan, and pops of black to complement the Chicago skyline and river views. With three beautiful, uniquely styled office suites, Riverside can help potential tenants visualize their workspaces. There was no doubt that the furniture selected helped tenants imagine their own bustling office spaces with employee collaboration and team engagement at the forefront.