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Location: Chicago, IL

Size: 12,000-sf


Project Management Firm: Blue Star Properties

Manufacturing Partners: Friant, Global, Maverick 


The goal is to create a human-centered workplace design approach that encourages collaborative work that will positively affect the productivity, wellbeing, and satisfaction of employees. With this in mind, we came up with a design solution that embraces the open-plan concept.


Design Solution
We teamed up with Friant in outfitting the 7th-floor offices – incorporating height-adjustable workstations, to help promote collaboration and assist a variety of tasks while maintaining ergonomic benefits. On the 8th floor, we created a Blended Solution of collaborative workspaces and opted for a Global conference table, and completed the look with Maverick storage solutions in the meeting rooms and break-out areas as well. Huddle rooms were also added on both floors for touch-down/smaller meetings. Our team went beyond the basics by adding in a touch of design ingenuity with stylish and comfortable lounges placed in discussion rooms. We equipped these rooms with value-engineered huddle tables to meet client’s needs, timing, and budget for the project.



Desired Outcome
We believe that a quality designed workspace translates to a good and productive business thus, it is deemed essential for companies to create an environment that maximizes the employee’s wellbeing and at the same time, naturally cultivates collaboration and effective working strategy.