What are

Social Distancing Barriers For After COVID?

Social Distancing Barriers For After COVID refers to the implementation of partitions and dividers in preexisting communal spaces, like offices. During this unprecedented time of uncertainty, many people are wondering how social distancing will translate to the workplace.  

As the COVID pandemic continues to impact businesses and organizations, changes must be made to workspaces and offices in order to provide employees with a safe and productive environment to work in. While many people are becoming accustomed to working at home, the shift back to the office will be gradual, and workplaces need to be prepared for anything. 

Because so many employees are perfecting their work-at-home routines, employers need to plan and be proactive in order to get employees interested in returning to the office. The most important consideration for employees is their safety and wellbeingsocial distancing barriers for after COVID can provide this sense of safety in the office. 

 At Rightsize Facility, we have extensive experience in handling every detail of office transition for our clients. Considering the current pandemic, we suggest that organizations reshape their workspaces in a way that promotes an environment of wellness, safety and productivity. Social distancing barriers for after COVID can be instrumental in accomplishing this.

Where Can You Get Social Distancing Barriers For After COVID?

Visit Rightsize Facility!

Rightsize Facility has been a leader in the industry by providing clients with innovative office design solutions for over 15 years. At Rightsize Facility, we take pride in serving our clients in three key ways: plan, furnish, and service. 

Reshaping your workspace during these troubling times is no easy task, and and Rightsize Facility is here to help. At Rightsize Facility, we have several COVID-19 barriers for sale and, more importantly, we can help your office choose the perfect solution to best fit your specific workspace.  

To get started, all you need to do is answer a few questions to help us create your optimal office space, and we’ll send you a complimentary space plan and ideas from a Rightsize expert.