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Whether your company is moving to a new state or just down the streettransitioning can be a tiring process when it comes to decommissioning your old furnishings and planning for the new office. At Rightsize Facility, we provide all of our clients with planning, furnishing and servicing tools that will help ease the relocation or renovation process!  

When your company is ready to select office furnishings for your new space, our design team will help you select from a wide variety of Remanufactured Office Furniture, pre-owned office furniture, as well as brand new office furniture. Our team offers clients what we call a “blended solution” to select from one or all of the above furnishing categories! 

Whether your team decides to fill your entire space with Remanufactured Business Furniture or a blend of all three categoriesRightsize Facility is here to help!

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Is your company interested in exploring our Remanufactured Business Furniture options for your next big move? With over 50,000 completed office spaces and just under 20 years of experience, Rightsize Facility is the most trusted premiere office furniture dealer in your area with the best selection of Remanufactured Office Furniture! 

Do you have any questions about the Remanufactured Business Furniture that we carry here at Rightsize Facility? Interested in learning more about our planning, furnishing and servicing projects and process? Please reach out to us today!