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Chicago, IL






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Rightsize Meant Right Value for a Leading Transportation Company

A leading transportation management company contacted Rightsize Facility Performance to purchase a few odds and ends for their pending office relocation for more than 200 employees. Upon discussion with Rightsize’s workplace integrator specialist, they realized that Rightsize’s total turnkey solutions could help them with their transition – from decommissioning the old office to designing the new space, and much more.

Upon review of Rightsize’s full range of solutions and support, the company realized the value of collaborating with one point of contact to assist in the various aspects of the move. The client’s selected solution reflected their vision, growth plan, tight time frame, and phased relocation/installation.

There are many hidden factors to take into consideration when planning and budgeting for an office decommission, relocation and new space design. Rightsize delivered a value proposition to the transportation management company that made sense aesthetically, functionally, and financially.