Geographical Market:

Chicago, IL


Food & Beverage




Performance Plus ($$$$)

The restaurant operation management project used the Performance VIP+ Program. The food and beverage company with 21 employees relocated on a 1-3 month timeline. Services required for the project include space planning & design, furniture selection & procurement, project management, delivery & installation and the interior finish selection. Product Manufacturers used include Maxon Prefix, Offices To Go, Cherryman, Gray Pants Lighting, ASI Lockers and COF Product. The furniture consisted of all new workstations, desks, seating, tables, lounge and miscellaneous. The project also involved carpet selection, painting, conference room lighting, kitchen design and a layout of the private office and conference rooms.

A few standout pieces from the project include the unique lighting fixtures in the conference room and red wall lockers. The space was given an open office floor plan with white desks and features simple colors such as black, white, and grey with the occasional pop of red. The kitchen and break area features a long, elevated table with barstools for communal fining. The ceiling is exposed giving the space an industrial, loft feel.