Project date:

February 2016

Geographical Market:

Metro Detroit







In early 2016, a commercial real estate and home financing company was experiencing major growing pains. Rightsize partnered with the client to find a creative and budget-friendly solution.

The company was composed of three entities, and it occupied three different suites within the same building. This separation was causing a disjointed corporate culture and poor communication among staff. Since the company was on the verge of hiring more employees, leadership wanted to move into a larger space that could accommodate everyone.

Rightsize analyzed the client’s specific needs for space planning, and used its budget wisely by selecting remanufactured furniture for the best value. An open office plan, lower panels, and light colors brightened up the space.

Rightsize also planned the new office to promote communication and collaboration among employees. Each of the three company divisions received its own open meeting area that integrated premium pre-owned lounge seating, dry erase boards, and laptop tables. And multipurpose conference tables combined work surfaces and file cabinets that joined to walls with mounted TVs. The company is continuing to expand, as well as build a long-term relationship with Rightsize.