Geographical Market:

Chicago, IL


Food & Beverage




Innovation ($$)

An Expanded and Relocated Space

Cretors received an innovative design and furniture procurement from the professional design team at Rightsize. A vast selection of furniture obtained through our Blended Solution kept the project within budget while meeting all of Cretors’ new space needs.

As Cretors outgrew their old office space they looked to relocate and realized they would need much more than a moving van and the new office keys. Cretors turned to Rightsize to help them come up with a solution to design, manage, furnish and install their newly expanded and relocated space.

 The experienced design team at Rightsize Facility worked closely with Cretors, a player in the food and beverage, consumer goods and retail industry, to come up with an innovative and fitting concept for the new location. Rightsize provided affordable office interior planning and inventive workspace creation by pairing Cretors with our Blended Solution. Refurbished Herman Miller Ethospace workstations provided a professional-grade work area with Cherryman Amber and pieces from our Office Furniture Center to bring the look together. The team tied in aesthetic from the food and beverage industry into the look and feel of the office with their ancillary project services through paint, tile, and hardware.