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What Are Office Furniture Screens?

Office Furniture Screens refer to panel-like material that provides a layer of division and protection. These screens for desks can be free-standing, added onto furniture pieces, or even mobile. As organizations are working to incorporate social distancing in the office, screens provide an easy way to keep employees safe and healthy, while also increasing productivity.

Maintaining cleanliness in the office is more important than ever, as many employees are getting comfortable working from the safety of their homes. Office furniture screens are a great tool to utilize in your workspace because they promote social distancing and provide employees with an additional layer of protection from germs, viruses, and illnesses.

When it comes to office furniture screens, there are so many different options and choices that can be used based on your office’s specific needs. Whether you are looking to add screens for privacy, safety, or focus, or cleanliness, screens offer a number of benefits.

Rightsize Facility is a leading, nationwide furniture dealer that offers office design solutions. At Rightsize Facility, we believe that the key to reshaping the workplace in the post-COVID landscape lies in redesign, retrofit, and reconfiguration.

Regardless of whether you want to redesign, retrofit, or reconfigure using office furniture screens, your work environment will flourish as a result. With an office desk privacy screen in place, employees will feel safe and comfortable in their workplace.


What Benefits Do Office Furniture Screens Offer?

Right now, it seems like the most important thing for organizations to prioritize and focus on is employee health and safety. Incorporating intentional screens on office furniture is a quick and easy way to increase keep employees safe while they work.

Although employee health, safety, and wellbeing is currently the top priority for almost every company and business right now, an office desk privacy screen actually offers more benefits and advantages than just protection. Listed below are some of the benefits that come when you utilize screens in the office space:

  • Add A Layer Of Protection From Germs, Viruses, And Illnesses
  • Designate And Define Individual WorkSpaces
  • Create A Workspace That Is Free Of Distractions
  • Ensure Employee Safety, Health, And Wellbeing
  • Boost Productivity And Performance
  • Break Up The Space
  • Provide Privacy And Security


Whether you are looking to implement office privacy screens or protective screens for desks, they provide numerous benefits that your organization can take advantage of. This list includes just a few of the many benefits that come with adding office furniture screens into your place of work.


Create An Environment Of Safety And Productivity

Rightsize Facility’s Office Furniture Screens

Rightsize Facility is an industry-leading company in office furniture and design. At Rightsize Facility, we know how important it is for companies to keep their employees safe and productive during this time, and office furniture screens offer a great and easy way to do both.

We offer a variety of office furniture screens at Rightsize Facility. Because we have such a wide variety of products, we always work closely with our clients to ensure that only the best products are chosen based your organization’s needs, wants, and desired work environment.

If you would like to incorporate office furniture screens into your space to promote safety, wellness, and productivity, Rightsize Facility is here to help. When you work with us, you can be assured that your employee’s safety is the top priority for our work.

To get started implementing office furniture screens into your workplace, please reach out to us today! Our team of experts is always happy to answer any questions that you might have.