Rightsize Facility – A Premier Office Furnishings Company 

At Rightsize Facility, we pride ourselves in being the best Office Furnishings Company for your company’s needs! Whether you are looking to move to a new space or refresh the one you are currently in, our team will collaborate with you each step of the way to create the highest quality workplace environment.  

At our Office Furnishings Company, we use a creative blend of office furniture at a variety of price points, that will meet all of your aesthetic, functionality and budgetary goals, including: 

  • Brand new office furniture 
  • Refurbished and remanufactured office furniture 
  • Premium, pre-owned office furniture 

When partnering with a company that furnishes offices like Rightsize Facility, your company will go through a detailed and collaborative process with our team of experts. Before our Office Furnishings Company designs your space, we will get to know you and your needs. Our experts will tour your office and speak with key employees as we assess workflow and evaluate existing conditions, design and IT needs. We will consider team structure and overall business objectives as we finalize a plan that will accommodate change and growth, extending the longevity of your office and maximize your investment. Then, once our plan is finalized by your team, our Office Furnishings Company will go ahead and select, order, ship, and install your furnishings for your new office! 

At Rightsize Facility, we understand the importance of an updated office spacewe are a company that has completed over 50,000 projects nationwide in the last 15 years! If your company is currently working in a space that has not been updated in decades, both the outdated aesthetics and functionality of your office could be hurting your company in more ways than one. 

That is why it is critical to work with an Office Furnishings Company that specializes in providing only the best furnishing for your project. Here are some reasons why companies should invest in an update with our Office Furnishings Company: 

  • Optimize Company Workflow: Our Office Furnishings Company approach considers the power of functionality in an office spacethe smart selection of specific furnishings can have a powerful effect on maximum productivity and creativity from your company employees! 
  • Steadily Maintain And Bring On Talent: Nobody wants to work in a dim, drab and desolate looking work environment. Update your office with our Office Furnishings Company and cater to the mood of your current employees as well as future talent; you would be surprised how an inviting office space is a major factor when folks apply for jobs!   
  • Instill Company Values: You know that saying of how the way your bedroom is set up is an extension of your true self and identity? Office spaces work the same. If you are a manager or C-level employee in control of the space, you want to partner with a Chicago Company That Furnishes Offices that will reflect the values of your company – it will not only reflect well upon the company, but your leadership! 
  • Prepare For Future Growth: A lot of outdated furnishings are not versatile, in that they for the most part serve single purposes. With the team at our Office Furnishings Company, we can provide your company with resources such as modular workstation systems and integrated technology that not only complement your current team, but your future one!  

Office space design is more than just a few basic chairs and desks here and there. Rightsize Facility accounts for each and every inch of your office space, from the light fixtures to the IT systems and even the break room.  

Here are some examples of what our Office Furnishings Company can provide to our clients when planning and furnishing an office space: 

  • Workstations: Ranging from modern benching to traditional cubicles to panel-based, there are a variety of workspaces that our team will decide best suits your office space layout and employee’s needs!   
  • Tables: From small group meetings to large formal board meetings, we offer an enormous variety of sizes, materials, finishes and functionality that today’s office environments demand.   
  • Seating: Our Office Furnishings Company prides itself in offering a variety of seating options, including task, conference and side chairs, and even more playful options like modular stools and curvy lounge systems.    
  • Storage and Filing: For organizing files, office supplies, personal items, etc., our Chicago Office Furnishings Company understands how filing cabinets, credenzas, pedestals, and other supplies are a critical aspect to your office space. 
  • Lighting: Overhead, desk side, and more – whether your company values LED, eco-friendly lighting or a more soft effect, our  Office Furnishings Company offers variety of different lighting options that our contracted electricians will set up in your new space, if necessary! 
  • Flooring: It is time to ditch that blue carpet with the coffee stains from a decade ago, because flooring plays a critical role in tying your whole office space together. Our Office Furnishings Company offers a wide selection of carpet tile, broadloom, and hard surface flooring, including vinyl composition tile (VCT), luxury vinyl tile (LVT) planks and wood. 
  • And more!: Are there furnishings your company would like to see in their plan that are not listed above? During the initial planning process at our Office Furnishings Company, we will go over any and all items you would like to see in your space and will make sure they are incorporated in the final project, because there are hundreds of to choose from! 

Because our Office Furnishings Company has been active in the industry for over fifteen years, we have established a vast, trusted network of high quality vendors. Here is how we procure the diverse array of office products for our clients: 

  • We are connected with over two hundred high quality office furniture manufacturers across the country
  • We are equipped with in stock, quick ship and custom inventory of premium, pre-owned, refurbished, and new office furnishing options 
  • We are established with the company Facility Flooring for your company’s new flooring needs 
  • We are linked with a variety of professionals that provide fast delivery and proper installation of your office furnishings 

Go with Rightsize Facility For Your Office Furnishing Needs 

At Rightsize Facility, our team of experts will work closely with your company in order to provide only the best, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing interior office spaces!   

Having completed over 50,000 projects over the past fifteen years, you can depend on us to deliver a fully curated solution that guarantees an office you’ll love.