Sometimes you just can’t help it. It’s easier to pinpoint the office furniture you don’t like instead of what you do.

Indecision may not be an ideal state, but turning the calendar to the new year can be a glorious way to turn indecision into action. Just as in previous years, 2020 holds the promise of ushering in new trends that can enliven your office and give your employees even more reason to enjoy coming to work.

It will be hard not to like at least one of these six office design trends that designers are confident will launch the new year – and a new decade – in style:

Office furniture becomes more “homey”

Some workers may say that it’s about time: Since they spend so much time at work, why not make their office décor like home, with living room-style furniture and comfortable chairs? Call it “the residential aesthetic”; it also opens up an entirely new category of furniture that can make employees feel more relaxed and productive at work.

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Large tables accommodate teams

Workspaces in general are becoming more conducive to teamwork, so why should employees trek to the one-and-only conference room when they want or need to brainstorm with their colleagues? Office furniture in the new year will feature larger tables that seat, say, six to 10 people. And don’t forget about that “residential aesthetic”; there’s no reason that dining room-style and bistro tables can’t be part of the mix.

Oak contributes to lightening the mood

Everyone knows there is psychology behind color. But they may not know it applies to the color of wood, too. They will in 2020, as oak tabletops make a comeback and do their part to lighten the mood of offices.

Lighting gets softer, too

Without even realizing it, workers who eschewed harsh, fluorescent office lighting were trendsetters. The new year will see all that homier, team-based office furniture highlighted by softer lighting, which means more table lamps and even smaller decorative lamps to complete the updated office look.

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Recycled, sustainable materials make their mark

Becoming more environmentally friendly may not top your to-do list, but you can be sure: Younger employees in particular are conscious of living and working with materials that are recycled and sustainable. Perhaps the best part? You’d never know based on looks alone as sustainable furniture and flooring materials make their way from homes and cars into offices.

Tile and carpeting retreat

It’s a rare person who cannot isolate at least one or two (or three or four) hardwood floor types that can turn an ordinary office space into a “wow” space. Cherry, hickory, maple, oak and walnut are the most popular residential choices, so it makes sense that they’re going to be a force in offices, too. The variety of colors and grain patterns may surprise you, adding to the “wow” factor.

If your company plans to open, expand or refresh its office space, contact Rightsize Facility for a free planning consultation. We’ll help you make the right investment – and one that you’ll be proud to show off to everyone who works there or comes for a visit.

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