Learn From Home

As workspace and classroom designers, Rightsize Facility has developed solutions for creating the best home workspace, and we have multiple product offerings to solve all of the challenges facing us as we pivot to learning from home.

Our team has selected manufacturers with the lead time, price point and specifications to meet and exceed the standards of today’s Learn From Home needs.

Learn From Home

BUNDLE 1 – $318

Student Desk with Caster Chair
25.63" w x 17.75" d x 23-29" h

BUNDLE 2 – $523

Student Desk with Cantilever Chair
30”w x 20”d x 30”h

BUNDLE 3 – $273

Student Desk with Rocking Stool
26”w x 20”d x 29”h

BUNDLE 4 – $308

Student Desk with Height Adjustable Rocking Stool
25.63”w x 17.75”d x 28.5”h

BUNDLE 5 – $564

Markerboard Activity Top Table with 5-Pack Dot Stools
36” dia 22” – 29” h

BUNDLE 6 – $597

Mobile Easel with 5-Pack Dot Stools

BUNDLE 7 – $385

Sit to Stand Desk with Chair
24”w x 30”d x 30”-40”h

BUNDLE 8 – $431

Sit to Stand Desk with Stool
24”w x 30”d x 30”-40”h

DESK 1 – $245

Adjustable Height Flip Top Desk
19”w x 25”d x 22”-30” h

DESK 2 – $187

Adjustable Height Desk
19”w x 25”d x 22”-30”h

DESK 3 – $376

Hydraulic Sit to Stand Desk
36”w x 28”d x 28.25”-42”h

CHAIR 1 – $65

4-Leg Student Chair

CHAIR 2 – $184

4-Leg Motion Student Chair with Casters

CHAIR 3 – $380

Desk-Chair Combination
23.25”w x 12.5”d

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