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Give that special someone on your list something they really need – ergonomic office furniture! If your friends and family are still sitting on their dining chair at home, it is time to give them an upgrade that will give them some much needed back relief! 

Order by December 9 to receive by Christmas

Bolton™ Task Chair - $339

Designed for those who log many hours at their desks, Bolton provides the adjustability and support today’s workers need. Comfortable to the core, Bolton comes with a generous seat cushion, ample lumbar support,
adjustable arms and seat height, and synchrotilt mechanisms that conform perfectly to a range of body types.


Designed for focused tasks or working on the go, Natick offers the perfect amount of sophistication and comfort. Natick makes a style statement while supporting users throughout the day. It’s easy to fine-tune this highly adaptable chair to meet individual needs. From seat height and depth adjustments to a body conforming back and 4-D arms, Natick offers users the essential features for comfort.


Ideal for focused tasks, leaning in to collaborate or a quick touch down, Devens easily conforms to each user. Back tension adjusts automatically in response to weight and movement. The back, seat, height and arms all adapt with a touch. The result? Effortless comfort with fitting support and reduced fatigue throughout the day. Whatever the task at hand, Devens makes it easy to say yes to it all—with comfort and affordability in an eye-catching design.

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