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Location: Chantilly, VA
Size: 6,000-sf
Project Management Firm: Zanone Project Management
Manufacturing Partners: Global, EKO Contract,
Three-H, Silen



GHD is a global professional services company providing engineering, architecture, and environmental consulting services to clients in various industries. In October 2022, GHD partnered with Rightsize Facility on a project to standardize its furniture on a national level for its corporate office in Chantilly, Virginia. The project aimed to provide employees with a comfortable and functional workspace that aligns with GHD’s corporate brand.

Design Solution

The key features of the project include the height- adjustable benching, collaboration and private touch-down spaces, and standardized furniture.
Our manufacturer partners included Global, EKO Contract, Three-H, and Silen. With the help of Zanone Project Management, Rightsize Facility was able to complete the project within the set timeline and budget.



Desired Outcome

The project was unique in its approach to defining the GHD brand through its office design, which was geared towards enhancing employee productivity and well-being. To achieve this, the Rightsize Facility team used height-adjustable benching throughout the space and added various collaboration and private touch-down spaces for employees.