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What Are Desk Privacy Shields?

Desk privacy shields refer to paneling pieces that can be added onto desks to give each employee their own dedicated workspace. Desk privacy shields can be made in a variety of materials to best suit your office’s needs.

At the moment, many corporations are looking to increase safety measures and precautions in the office. Most office-based employees are currently working from home, and they will not be interested in coming back to the office unless companies can assure them that their health and wellbeing will not be compromised.

With desk privacy shields, each individual has their own, personal space with a barrier from others. This greatly reduces the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses, illnesses, and diseases. In addition to the safety advantages, desk privacy shields also increase productivity and focus.

Rightsize Facility is a nationwide furniture company that specializes in office design solutions and transitions. At Rightsize Facility, we know that it is imperative right now for companies to actively work to minimize risks and increase safety measures in the office to make employees feel comfortable.

When employees feel safe and comfortable in their workplace, they will be motivated to work harder and better. If you’re looking to create a work environment that fosters wellness, safety, and productivity, desk shields can make a big impact. At Rightsize Facility, we offer the best office desk privacy shields.

Desk Privacy Shield

Why Are Desk Shields More Important Than Ever?

During these unprecedented times, desk shields are more important than ever because of the safety benefits that they provide. As employees are getting accustomed to working from home, they are not going to want to return to the office unless they are assured that they will be safe.

Because of this, organizations and corporations must be active in their approach to reopening the office. This means that offices must enforce new safety policies and regulations. With added safety measures, employees will feel comfortable returning to the office knowing that their health and wellbeing is not being compromised.

Desk shields are just one of the many ways in which offices can adequately address safety concerns. While they are so many different solutions that you can utilize to increase safety in the office and make employees feel more comfortable, desk shields are one of the easiest ways to retrofit.

With desk privacy shields, each employee has their own desk space separated from others. With this added protective layer, employees do not have to worry about being too close to their coworkers. Because desk shields effectively and efficiently hinder the spread of germs, employees will feel more comfortable with this protective feature.

Therefore, desk privacy shields are essential for offices to incorporate. As employee’s fears rise about not being able to social distance in the office, desk shields provide a built-in protective measure that encourages and enforces social distancing.

Create A Safe And Healthy Workplace

Where To Buy The Best Office Desk Privacy Shields – Rightsize Facility

If you are wondering where you can buy desk privacy shields for your office, look no further than Rightsize Facility! Rightsize Facility is a leading company in the furniture industry that specializes in office design solutions.

With our experience handling office transitions, we can help you best prepare your office for reopening safely. At Rightsize Facility, we offer three key things to all of our clients and customers: plan, furnish, and service.

  • Plan – We take planning very seriously at Rightsize Facility because no detail is too small. With our comprehensive planning, you’ll be sure that we are choosing the perfect solutions based on your office’s specific needs.

  • Furnish – Rightsize Facility has been furnishing a variety of spaces for over 16 years. When it comes to furnishing, we offer top-of-the-line pieces from the best manufacturers around. With the highest quality products, our customers choose from the best.

  • Service – At Rightsize Facility, we believe that it is our duty to provide you with the best service possible. Our services include everything from office reconfiguration to distribution and logistics. Whatever you might need help with along the way, Rightsize Facility can assist.

At Rightsize Facility, we value our clients and work to assist them in every step of the way in handling their office transition. Our team of experts would be happy to help your office improve with desk privacy shields.  Contact Us Here to get started today!

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