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Why Are Desk Dividers More Important Than Ever?

As companies everywhere are taking active steps to bring people back into the office safely, office desk partitions stand out as a key solution. Desk dividers refer to panels, shields, or dividers that are attached to desks to provide employees with an added layer of protection and safety.


The post-COVID workplace must be redesigned, retrofitted, and reconfigured intentionally to promote safety, wellness, and productivity for all employees. One of the main advantages of desk dividers is the protective barrier that hinders the spread of illnesses. With an extra layer of protective material between desks, employees will feel safe and comfortable.


Rightsize Facility has been helping businesses and companies successfully take on office transitions for over fifteen years. Right now, we believe that the key to reshaping the workplace lies in redesigning, retrofitting, and reconfiguring your office space.


At Rightsize Facility, we offer a variety of desk divider products that are specifically designed to keep individuals safe and focused in the office. If you are looking to create a work environment that fosters productivity and safety, desk divider pieces can make a significant impact.

What Kind Of Desk Dividers Are There?

When it comes to office desk dividers, there are a lot of different options and choices depending on your preferences and needs. Desk divider panels can give you safety and privacy for your office space. At Rightsize Facility, we work closely with our clients to assess what products are best based on your particular office space. Listed below are some of the different kinds of desk divider products that we offer at Rightsize Facility, and why you might choose those over others:

Desk Shields
Desk Divider Panels
Privacy Screens

Foster An Environment Of Safety And Productivity With Rightsize Facility

Where Can I Buy Office Desk Dividers?

Rightsize Facility is a leading national office furniture dealer that offers design solutions for any type of office space. During these unprecedented times, we know how important it is for companies to reshape their workplace to promote wellness, safety, and productivity.


Rightsize Facility believes that the key for going to back to the office right now is to redesign, retrofit, and reconfigure in accordance with safety guidelines and recommendations. Desk divider panels and shields are an amazing tool to promote social distancing in the office and add a protective barrier to reduce the spread of viruses and illnesses.


Regardless of what kind of desk dividers your office space might need, Rightsize Facility can guide you along the way. At Rightsize Facility, we specialize in office transitions and work closely with our clients to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the results.


When your office space is properly equipped to handle anything, your work environment will greatly benefit. If you are looking to create a work environment of safety, positivity, and productivity by utilizing office desk dividers, look no further than Rightsize Facility.