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What Are Cubicle Partitions?

Cubicle Partitions are a type of office furniture that effectively divide cubicle-style desks. Office furniture partitions offer employees privacy, protection, and safety in their dedicated workspace. If you’re looking to optimize space in an office while still keeping employees safe and healthy, office partition walls are the perfect solution.

A well-designed workspace with the right office furniture is so impactful on the employee experience. When employees feel as though they have their own, designated space to focus on their work, their motivation, productivity, and performance will increase tremendously.
Cubicle dividers are a great piece of office furniture to give individuals a private workspace.

Considering how important it is to social distance right now, partitions between cubicles can keep employees safe at all times with an extra layer of protection to reduce the spread of any germs, viruses, or illnesses in the office.

Rightsize Facility is a nationwide office furniture company that sells a variety of office partition panels. At Rightsize Facility, we know how influential office cubicle dividers and partitions can be in creating a productive and safe work environment.

Why Are Office Cubicle Partitions More Important Than Ever?

As we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, organizations and corporations are realizing that their employee’s health and wellbeing need to be the top priority. This means that companies need to take active steps to reshape the workplace in a way that keeps employees safe and healthy at all times.

Cubicle dividers give employees a designated, private space to do their work without distractions. Although it is so important for employees to have their own distinct space, right now, it is even more important to implement these partitions for safety reasons.

Research has shown that one of the best ways to protect against the spread of germs, viruses, diseases, and illnesses is social distancing. Because of this, offices must ensure employees that they can easily social distance in the workplace. Installing partitions onto cubicles makes it so much easier for employees to stay socially distant from their coworkers.

With dividers in place, employees don’t have to worry about being too close to others in the office because they have a built-in protective shield. If you’re looking to assure employees that their office space will keep them safe and healthy, cubicle partitions can accomplish this.

Help Make A Safe And Productive Environment

Where Can I Buy Office Cubicle Partitions? Rightsize Facility

Rightsize Facility is an industry-leading furniture company that offers partitions nationwide. At Rightsize Facility, we create office solutions with your employees in mind, and right now, employee safety is our top priority.


With a cubical partition wall, you can show your employees that your office space is a safe and healthy place to conduct work. As people everywhere are perfecting their work-from-home strategies, employees will ease back into the office depending on the perceived safety risks.

When you make mindful and purposeful office adjustments to promote wellness, safety, and productivity, employees will feel much more motivated and comfortable in their return to the office. Cubicle dividers are just one way that Rightsize Facility suggests that you keep your employees safe and productive at the office during this unprecedented time.

At Rightsize Facility, we believe offer our clients office design and furniture solutions to best fit their needs and wants.