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Coworking Space


Location: Detroit, MI

Size: 26,000-sf

General Contractor: Ferlito Group 

Architecture Firm: NXT 

Manufacturing Partners: Premium Pre-Owned & Remanufactured Herman Miller and Humanscale, Safco, SitOnIt

Project Date: January 2020



Bamboo Detroit Coworking Space turned to Rightsize for a furniture partnership with the aim to provide an inspiring and supportive environment to help a diverse group of entrepreneurs start up their business. The partnership continues through several expansions downtown and into the suburbs.

Design Solution

To be able to create a dynamic coworking space that will cater to a diverse community of creators and entrepreneurs, Rightsize embarked on the concept of setting up a flexible working area to maximize the value of every dollar spent. We provided pre-owned and remanufactured Herman Miller and Humanscale solutions that fit seamlessly into the design and provided members with a high-end yet inexpensive furniture solution that facilitated a healthy, productive, collaborative coworking space.

Desired Outcome

A well-designed coworking space is an asset to founders and a team of creators looking to grow and scale their businesses. And so, we made it our goal to provide only the best and quality facilities for a comfortable working atmosphere guaranteed to stimulate productivity.