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What Are The Covid Office Guidelines?

During these unprecedented times, many people need to know what the Covid office guidelines are. In order to best address health and safety concerns among employees, companies must implement safety policies and regulations. Because the world has not been in this situation for many years, it is hard to know how best to proceed to ensure that everyone’s wellbeing is prioritized.

However, what we can do is to rely on experts in other industries to guide us in our decisions to move forward safely and efficiently. Rightsize Facility is a leading, nationwide furniture company that specializes in office design solutions.

At Rightsize Facility, our team of experts is experienced in handling every detail of office transitions. Considering the circumstances, nearly every office will need to undergo transitions and changes in order to properly comply with Covid office guidelines and safety recommendations.

When it comes down to it, Covid office guidelines prioritize your employee’s health, safety, and wellness above all else. By following office guidelines designed to stop the spread of Covid, you are showing your employees how much you value them and how much you care about them.

Rightsize Facility’s Covid office guidelines and recommendations are designed for wellness, safety, and productivity. Your office should be a space where all employees feel safe and comfortable doing their work, and implementing the guidelines can make a significant impact for the better.

Covid Office Guidelines

Covid Office Guidelines: Redesign, Retrofit, & Reconfigure

From our extensive experience in creating office design solutions, we have learned a lot about how companies can handle changes and transitions. We believe that there are 3 R’s that are key to reshape your workplace during this time: redesign, retrofit, and reconfigure.

  • Redesign: Redesigning your office is the most comprehensive Covid office guideline. With the help of office design experts, your office can be redesigned completely with safety in mind to be fully equipped and prepared to reopen with minimal risks.
  • Retrofit: Retrofitting is one of the simplest guidelines to prepare office post Covid 19. Retrofitting involves adding pieces, like accessories and fixtures, onto existing office furniture. By adding a few retrofitting solutions, you can make your office safer.
  • Reconfigure: Reconfiguration refers to changing the spacing and distribution of your office space. If you reconfigure your office according to Covid office guidelines, you can ensure that employees can navigate the workspace while remaining socially distant.

Create A Safe And Healthy Workplace

Short-Term Covid Office Guidelines

Businesses and workplaces are changed and shaped every day, and under current circumstances, there are going to several short term changes and long term changes that we can expect to see. Listed below are some of the expected short term changes to the office:

  • Touch-Free Sanitization
  • Easy Access To Disinfectant Materials
  • Frequent Cleaning & Sterilization Of Surfaces
  • HVAC Filtering & Optimization
  • Shifting Employees & Phasing The Return To Office
  • Implementing Virtual Meeting Technology
  • Displaying Informational Signs & Reminders
  • Wellness Screenings & Temperature Stations
  • Dividing/Separating The Open Areas With Screens, Partitions, & Dividers
  • Re-Aligning & Reconfiguring Furniture Pieces
  • Circulation Paths & Traffic Patterns

Long-Term Covid Office Guidelines

In addition to the short term changes that we are already starting to see in the office, there are also some long term Covid office guidelines to keep in mind. Listed below are some of the more long-term Covid office guidelines and recommendations:

  • Complete Office Redesign & Remodeling To Encourage Distancing
  • Scaling Back Open Workspaces In Favor Of Divided, Dedicated Workstations
  • Widespread Implementation Of Touch-Free Devices, Fixtures, And Accessories
  • Increasing Each Individual’s Allotted Space To 250 Square Feet
  • Installation Of Lighting That Absorbs Bacteria
  • Shift In Finishes To Make It Easier To Disinfect & Sterilize

Rightsize Facility’s Covid Office Guidance

Rightsize Facility is a leading furniture dealer that specializes in office transitions and office design solutions. At Rightsize Facility, we know how challenging it is right now for companies to properly address Covid office guidelines.

With our expertise and experience, we can help offices with anything related to Covid office guidance. Whether you are looking to redesign, retrofit, or reconfigure your office to create an environment that values wellness, safety, and productivity, Rightsize Facility is here to help.

If you are looking for Covid office guidance, Rightsize Facility can offer you the best design solutions, recommendations, and furniture that will positively impact your work environment. Contact Us Here to get started right away!

Guidelines For Reopening Business After Covid 19