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Bollinger Motors


Location: Oak Park, MI
Architecture Firm: Studio Detroit 

Space Type: Corporate Office
Manufacturing Partners: AIS, Primeway, and SitOnIt Seating



Rightsize Facility was approached by a client seeking to expand their workspace with new benching stations that matched their existing setup. The challenge was that the existing benching stations had been discontinued. The client emphasized the importance of maintaining a black and white color scheme and the owner’s involvement in the final finish selections was crucial to the project’s success.

Design Solution

To meet the client’s needs, Rightsize Facility selected AIS benching stations for the new Power Bench project. We complemented these with Calibrate storage solutions and Primeway tables to ensure a cohesive and functional workspace. Sit On It seating was chosen to match the existing chairs, maintaining consistency in the office’s overall aesthetic.

The design process was highly collaborative, with the client and owner actively participating in the selection of finishes. The black and white
color scheme was meticulously applied to all elements of the workspace, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing design. The result was a modern and cohesive workspace that met the client’s functional needs and aesthetic preferences.




Desired Outcome

The new Power Bench project successfully provided the client with additional benching stations that seamlessly matched their existing setup. The use of AIS benching stations, Calibrate storage, Primeway tables, and Sit On It seating ensured consistency and functionality. The black and white color scheme, selected with the owner’s involvement, created a unified and visually appealing workspace. This project highlights Rightsize Facility’s ability to deliver customized solutions that respect the client’s existing design while introducing modern and efficient elements.